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The Delta P Design SOCOM adapter uses two separate components and registers directly on the barrel threads and thread shoulder for its alignment: NOT the gas cylinder casting like the factory muzzle brake and other adapters.

This is specifically for the SOCOM 16 model M1A. If a standard model M1A 5/8-24 thread solution is desired please reference the M14/M1A adapter here.

As with all the Delta P Design adapters, these are always made in the USA in-house from hardened billet material and never modified overseas castings. The Delta P Design 5/8-24 M1A SOCOM model adapter kit mounts directly to the muzzle of the M1A SOCOM model (and variants) in place of the combination gas lock front sight and muzzle brake. Springfield Armory®* SOCOM rifles are 16” barrel M1A variants with proprietary muzzle threads. The Delta P Design 5/8-24 M1A SOCOM model adapter kit allows the use of standard 5/8-24 RH accessories while retaining the factory sight location.

The original equipment gas lock muzzle brake is removed. The 5/8-24 thread adapter is installed directly on the muzzle threads of the barrel. The 5/8-24 thread adapter registers against the barrel shoulder outboard of the barrel muzzle threads. This provides a mechanism to securely align the barrel with the adapter. The gas lock front sight is installed over the 5/8-24 thread adapter and bottoms out against the gas cylinder. The gas lock front sight base is retained by the gas plug. A set screw is used to positively retain the 5/8-24 thread adapter via the gas plug. The entire assembly may be removed and replaced together as a unit using the wrench flats on the adapter in a manner similar to the original equipment flash hider/muzzle brake.

Posted Tuesday, Feb 19 2019
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