State of Oklahoma Field Tag - Kit B

State of Oklahoma Field Tag - Kit B

Tulsa, OK
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Deer Season Field Tag (Kit B)

TAGS: printed, laminated (2 passes) with 3 mil, cut out tags, round the corners, hole punched
Tags are around 5.5 x 2.75 inches
High visibility orange – florescent pink upon request.
Tags can be written on a with Fine Point Sharpie.
Allow 7-10 seconds to dry before touching to avoid smears/smudges.

FIELD KIT (B): $15
-6 tags
-6 zip ties
-1 Sharpie Fine Point black marker
-1 pair (size Large) disposable gloves
-Durable zipper bag to store it in
-1 pair of shoulder length field dressing gloves
-1 “Toiletrees” kit that includes about 6 foot of TP, waste bag & a fragrance- free hand wipe.

Tag personalization: Add name and CID# to tags. Extra $1 per name/NOT per tag.

Posted Saturday, Dec 11 2021
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Tulsa, OK

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