Lion Claw Tactical MK46

Lion Claw Tactical MK46

Choctaw, OK

The Lion Claw Tactical MK46 is a closed bolt, semi auto variant of the M249 saw. it accepts original M249 barrels, stocks, bipods and most other accessories.

Our standard model comes with a Romeo 5 red dot sight, 1-100 round ammo sack, and 100 links.

It uses an AR15 trigger with our extended hammer. we also offer a version that uses HK trigger packs with an extended hammer. these are chambered in 5.56 nato. These are built to order, They generally ship out 1-2 months after the order is placed.

If you want a different optic, Paint color, Stock, or barrel length please email us at

Posted Friday, Nov 12 2021
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Choctaw, OK

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