Colt SAA Factory Engraved, Turnbull Refurb. to new .44-40 Win

Colt SAA Factory Engraved, Turnbull Refurb. to new .44-40 Win

Baldwinsville, NY

Colt SAA factory engraved with a letter, shipped in 1882, serial number 74327 matching, caliber .44/40, Nickel finish, 7 1/2" barrel with mint bore though the length of barrel in not listed, Pearl grips, shipped to Simmons Hardware Company, St. Louis, Missouri on January 10, 1882. I sent this personal gun to Turnbull a leading Manufacturer of refurbishing firearms in the US specializing in Colt SAAs. The instruction was to strip the Nickel from the entire gun, re-cut the engraving then re-Nickel the gun and do any other work that needed be done. The finished job is spectacular and outstanding. The gun looks new. If I don't mention the work on the gun you would not be able to tell that this is not a new gun. I have proof of all the work done on this gun and its cost, no it was not cheap. A great investment firearm that you don't find very often. Only 1% of SAA Colts were factory engraved.

Posted Sunday, Jan 16 2022

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