Cobray 37mm 8.5 Inch Launcher With W/rail Mounts

Cobray 37mm 8.5 Inch Launcher With W/rail Mounts

Mesa, AZ

This short, 8.5" Cobray multi launcher fires a 37mm shell and is designed after the military M203 40mm grenade launcher. They can only legally fire 37mm flares, smoke, and gas. This 8.5 inch version works well on 20" barreled rifles or any rifle, AK tactical weapon with a rail system. Our machined rail mounts slide into the upper mount of the Launcher and have two rail mounts that are easy to mount and secure to your rail system. This part number includes, (1) 8.5" launcher, and (2) rail mounts. (gun & other items sold separately)

Posted Wednesday, Sep 27 2017
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Mesa, AZ

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