Ar-15 Stealth Fake Sbr(slide Over) Suppressor 1/2-28

Ar-15 Stealth Fake Sbr(slide Over) Suppressor 1/2-28

Mesa, AZ

(NEW) ultra light weight tactical (SBR) "Short Barreled Rifle"(slide over) fake suppressor for your custom AR-15. If you want the look of a short barrel and a suppressor but don't want to add length to your gun or live in a state where an extension of the barrel is not allowed, this is for you! They are made of precision aluminum tubing, with precisely thread end cap, a thread of 1/2x28 on one end and finished in protective matte black finish. Your 16" or longer standard AR barrel slides in and threads inside the opposite end. Length is about 6.75" long and 1.5" in diameter. weighs about 6 oz. It may be too long if you have a long bayonet lug, if so, please our sniper SBR version. (gun & other parts sold separately)

Posted Wednesday, Sep 27 2017
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Mesa, AZ

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