DTK-2L muzzle brake, material: 45 steel

DTK-2L muzzle brake, material: 45 steel

Lewes, DE
Detailed Product Description
DTK-2L muzzle brake is designed for AK, AKMS, RPK and left-handed carbines based on 7.62mm caliber.
Reduces recoil and compensates for a barrel toss.
Weight: 105 ± 3 g.
Overall dimensions: 34x55 ± 33mm.
Material: steel 45.
Weapons: AKMS, RPK, RPK-74, AKM (Vepr-K), VPO-125, VPO-126, VPO-127, VPO-129, VPO-133, VPO-134, VPO-136, VPO-147, VPO-148
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Posted Wednesday, Sep 18 2019
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