PT-1 buttstock, material: D16T

PT-1 buttstock, material: D16T

Lewes, DE
Detailed Product Description
The PT-1 fully milled telescopic buttstock is designed for installation and operation on AK with collimator, optical, thermal sights mounted it or night vision sights.
PT-1 is installed on a regular place folding. Allows you to make adjustments based on individual preferences.
Advantages at operation:
  • easy installation on the weapon;
  • cheek and an adjustable back plate;
  • the telescopic mechanism has a large range of adjustments in length;
  • the original mechanism allows you to fold and fix the buttstock along the receiver of the weapon in any position of the telescopic mechanism, the height of the cheek and the height of the back plate
  • when folded, there is no need to remove the B-13 rail, located on the side rail (dovetail) of the weapon's receiver;
  • in the lower position of the cheek allows you to work with a mechanical sight;
  • two variants of the butt pad: wide, narrow;
  • two slingmount options.
Material: hardened aviation alloy D16T
Weight: 480 + 10 (in the assembly of delivery: a wide rubber lining and two slingmounts)
Weapons: AK-103, AK-104, AK-105, AK-74, AK-74M, AKM, AKS-74, AKS-74U, Saiga-410, Saiga-MK, Saiga MK-03, Saiga-308, Saiga-12K, Saiga-20K, Vityaz, VPO-133, VPO-136, VPO-209
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Posted Wednesday, Sep 18 2019
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