Sig Sauer IWB Appendix for 1.5 Inch Belt Loop

Sig Sauer IWB Appendix for 1.5 Inch Belt Loop

Hillsboro, OR
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The appendix is hand molded from true .080 Kydex 100, which helps to keep the design sleek and slim. This holster features a double sweat guard protecting not only your skin from the firearm, but also protecting the firearm from unnecessary wear that can be caused from zippers, buttons, or other hard surfaces. The appendix was designed around two major features that you won’t find in other Appendix holsters.

The dual pivoting pendulum allows the shooter to withdraw the holster from the pants completely which still leaving the holster physically attached the pants. This makes wear for the shooter easier, as you may remove the holstered firearm while sitting for long periods, while the holster is still attached to the belt. Once your firearm is secured back in the holster this dual pivoting pendulum will swing back into the waistband. This gives you peace of mind knowing the trigger is protected before re-entering your waistband.

Due to the pendulum adjustability, please note that depending on the depth of the pendulum, you may need to tuck in your shirt to prevent unnecessary wear of the firearm, caused by the pendulum. A higher ride will make the pendulum sit on the holster itself, with no wear, a lower ride will have the pendulum sitting directly on the firearm.

Up to a 90 degree, swivel adjustment allows you the luxury of a free floating design. Belt loops are adjustable from 1.25,” 1.5,” and 1.75.”


  • Made from Kydex 100 in the USA
  • Adjustable tension screw located near the trigger guard used to increase or decrease the hold of the holster on the firearm.
  • One adjustable soft belt loop and one adujstable pendulum
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Slim .080 design
  • Body contouring comfort
  • Outside radios for minimal printing
  • Adjustable cant
  • Strategic cutaways for maximizing the (full combat grip)
  • Molded friction fit security.
  • Full-length sweat guard on both side to separate the pistol slide and rear sight from the operator’s skin
  • 1 holster can be used for both Right Handed and Left Handed Shooters.

Posted Wednesday, Sep 23 2020
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