July 10th - July 12th

July 10th - July 12th

Hillsboro, OR


  • Printed or mobile copy must be shown to parking attendant. Thank you!

*Masks are required.

**Service dogs only.

For many visitors, coming out to our farm was a relief from being isolated and closed in. Seeing families delight in the beautiful surroundings, cut lavender, enjoy the playground, visit with vendors and relax while sipping lavender lemonade was rewarding for those of us sponsoring the event. Since we realize that many of our friends and neighbors have experienced financial hardship due to the pandemic, we are opening some reduced price and free time slots during the July 10th through 12th weekend. The number of guests during each time slot is limited by COVID restrictions. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 10th through July 12th

9 am to 11 am Admission $5.00

11 am to 1 pm Admission $10.00

1 pm to 3 pm Admission $10.00

3 pm to 5 pm Admission $2

Proceeds from ticket sold will support the work of Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine In providing homes for widows, rehabilitation for addicts, outreach to children and teens as well as counseling and financial help for desperate families.

See www.gnnukraine.com for more information.

Posted Tuesday, Jun 2 2020
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Hillsboro, OR

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