AR15 300 Blackout 10.5

AR15 300 Blackout 10.5

Poolville, TX
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Since the start of the Covid 19 scam, guns sales have been off the charts, I am not able to get parts from my suppliers for months, and what I do get, I am rationed. Many of the guns you see on the website are samples of what we have built in the past. ( like this one) and are not available at this time. I have left them on the site as examples and hope that someday things get back to normal and we can build them again soon. Prices are also changing every week. Until then, find something you like and call me. I will let you know how close I can come to that build. Take a picture of what is in stock and email it to you. I will be at most of the DWF area gun shows when I have inventory.

Sample custom build for more details please reach out to Garry at or (818) 620-4272.

Posted Wednesday, Jun 17 2020
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Poolville, TX

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