Patriot Defense - Tanfoglio Polymer Palm Swell Grips for Large Frames

Patriot Defense - Tanfoglio Polymer Palm Swell Grips for Large Frames

Kemah, TX

The Patriot Defense Tanfoglio Palm Swell grips have been designed from the ground up to allow the shooter to have the most surface area contact available during shooting. The palm swell contour allows for maximum contact on the most important areas of your grip to the firearm; allowing a seamless bond between you and your Tanfoglio. Engineered to allow easy magazine release contact as well during magazine changes. These come standard with an aggressive stippling pattern to aide in traction during less than ideal shooting conditions. However, the end user will have the ability to add stippling as well if they choose so since the polymer material allows for such modifications. These are precision 3D printed made from a polymer blend to allow for a cheap alternative to our CNC aluminum version. Minor fitting may be required on certain applications with the polymer version of the palm swell grips. Each set comes with torx head screws to allow fastening to your firearm frame.

Note- While we’ve gone through great lengths to finalize on a material and design that’s both economical and functional. These grips will wear out over time depending on how often they’re subjected to extreme use and chemicals. We highly recommend upgrading to our CNC aluminum version for a lifetime of wear and tear capability.

DISCLAIMER: If grips are over tightened, cracks may result.

*ITAR Regulated

Posted Thursday, Jan 18 2018
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