58 Caliber Reenactor Tubes

58 Caliber Reenactor Tubes

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"Cartridges constructed on these principles present a neat and convenient form for carrying the powder and ball attached to each other... So far as they have been tried in the hands of the troops they have been found to answer a good purpose." -- Reports of Experiments with Small arms for the Military Service, 1855

Authentic 58-caliber Minie living history cartridges -- Used extensively by both sides in the War Between the States, these .58-cal blank cartridge tubes are made to the period specifications laid down by the U.S. Ordnance Department in 1855 (and approved by then-Secretary of War Jefferson Davis). The cartridges are tied with unbleached linen thread and have an internal powder cylinder, as the original pattern specified. These are completely inert reenactment-safe living history cartridges. They contain NO POWDER and NO BULLET. Cellulose fiber foam is used to safely replicate the original Minie bullet. This was the most extensively used cartridge of the War.

By 1863, a number of Williams "cleaner" bullets were included in each pack of cartridges. The Williams bullets were usually put into blue colored cartridges. You have the option of buying cartridges that include Williams blue paper cartridges at a ratio of 3 out of 10.

You'll have to fill the cartridges with your own powder and fold the "tails" closed, but other than that, they are ready to take out to the field. For more details on how these cartridges were made and used historically during the Civil War, check out the Authentic Cartridges page.

I can ship up to 120 of them in one box. If you want more than 120, please e-mail or call. ​​

Posted Wednesday, Jul 22 2020
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