Donation for Bike Shed

Donation for Bike Shed

Seaside, OR

For years, the friends of Seaside Airport have searched for ways to solve the "last mile" problem and make it easier for flyers-in to get into town. There are no auto rental outfits here and no FBO to sponsor a courtesy car, so taxicabs, catching a ride, or hoofing it are the options. Many pilots have told us they'd come more often if there were bicycles or a car available to get into town.

So a few years back we embarked on a loaner bike program. We've collected a number of bicycles that we sometimes loan out to visitors, but with no place to store them other than in the private hangars, they're only available when there's a local airport bum around to pull them out.

To that end, the city has designed a secure storage shed and identified a location for it, and has some limited resources and materials available for building it. Pilots who fly in will be able to access bicycles via a keypad lock. But because the airport generates no direct revenue, there's no budget for it so they're still coming up short.

Here's where you come in! We need to raise $2,500 to take this to the finish line. With the materials on hand we should be able to complete the shed within that amount, and if there's any left over it will go to the purchase of helmets, pumps, locks, and program maintenance.

Our goal is to provide a convenient and memorable experience for private flyers coming in to Seaside Municipal Airport. Thank you so much for helping fund the Seaside airport loaner bicycle program!

Posted Tuesday, Aug 6 2019
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Seaside, OR

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