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Friday, May 3rd

Crosman Pioneer Airbow

The Pioneer Airbow from Crosman uses 3000 PSI of compressed air to fire full-length arrows and full-weight broadheads at 450 FPS. It can release 8 shots in the same amount of time it would take a crossbow to release 3. This Airbow also features an ambidextrous top cocking bolt, an adjustable CenterPoint 6 x 40 mm scope designed specifically for the Airbow, and a canted Picatinny base with 20 MOA of additional adjustment options. The weapon measures 33-1/2" long and weighs 7 pounds.

If you're a big game hunter living in Arizona*, you are Crosman Golden. It's the only state in the US where there's a season for pursuing just about every species of big game on the Crosman docket with the company's forthcoming Pioneer Airbow.

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Thursday, March 14th

Bow Toys

Want to practice marksmanship in your free time? On a smaller scale? Possibly in your office or living room? You're in luck! I have found a bunch of cool variations of small scale crossbows. Get ready to launch!

Toothpick Crossbow

This Crossbow requires an initial assembly before shooting, but it will be well worth it because it looks awesome. It shoots toothpicks or Q-Tips.

Found Here...

Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow

Long range made possible in a small package. Shoot q-tips up to 20' with this bad boy!

Found Here...

Miniature Tabletop Desktop Warfare Kit

Ballistas were used in the Roman Empire, they are essentially a huge crossbow that sits on the ground. But this one is table top sized. This model includes lightweight wooden dowel projectiles.

Found Here...

Crossbow Snowball Launcher

Shooting up to 60', this crossbow snowball launcher packs a mean punch! Not exactly a miniature, but definitely a fun variant of a crossbow.

Found Here...

Micro BB Crossbow

Palm sized, but not to be taken lightly! This micro crossbow is designed to shoot BBs, matches, small headless nails, or anything else that fits from your junk drawer!

Found Here...

Marshmallow Crossbow

A perfect use has now arisen for that stale bag of marshmallows! This bow can make mallows fly up to 60 feet!

Found Here...

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Thursday, February 14th

Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

Barrett has sprung their new Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow. Designed specifically for whitetail deer hunters, the STR's compact, easy to use, and manageable profile is accessible for a wide range of capabilities. The length of the crossbow is reduced to 34 7/8″ by integrating the foot stirrup directly into the riser. This bow weighs in at 6.6 pounds and drives an arrow at 375 feet per second. The STR has plenty of accessories including a 4×32-millimeter Multi-Reticle Scope, pre installed. Not to mention the numerous safety features, including a TriggerTech trigger, anti-dry fire technology, finger safety reminders, and a patented arrow retainer.

Even with all these features and power, the Whitetail Hunter® STR is among the more affordable crossbows available today. If deer hunting is your passion, Whitetail Hunter® STR is your crossbow.

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Wednesday, September 26th

TS 370 and TS 390 High-Performance

Barnett has released two new High-Performance Crossbows. The TS 370 and TS 390 both have adjustable telescoping stocks.

Whether an adjustment is needed to compensate for an increase in the amount of clothing worn as the hunting season progresses or if the hunt moves from a wide open treestand to a relatively small ground blind, crossbow hunters will find the advantages of tactical stocks will help them adjust to changing hunting conditions and situations. Additionally, crossbow hunters may find the need to share their crossbows with other members of their families or hunting camps.

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Wednesday, August 29th

Matt Stutzman

Here's my last post for today in this string of disabled, yet more than able #Archery superheroes. Matt Stutzman won a silver medal at London 2012 and set a record for the world’s longest recorded archery shot. Here's the catch, Matt has no arms. His feet, however, are incredibly nimble. He uses a combination of his feet and a release aid that’s strapped to his shoulder to get those award winning shots.

The challenge didn’t intimidate him. From changing a flat tire to playing basketball, Matt believes he can do anything. In fact, with seven brothers and sisters, and very determined parents, Stutzman grew up believing that nothing should hold him back.

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Wednesday, August 29th

Janice Walth

Being Legally Blind doesn't stop Janice Walth from following her dreams! She has taken home a silver medal and set 5 world records in the world of Archery. Wait...what?! How could someone who can't see possibly be any good at archery? According to Janice, only about 5 percent of the shot is reliant on sighting. The other 95 percent is about form, performance, and consistency of the shot. The biggest challenge is having a consistent foot stance and avoiding any swaying. But other than that, she doesn't have anyone behind her telling her where to shoot- left, right, up, or down. It's all in her hands! Some wisdom Janice offers is : Don't take yourself too seriously, surround yourself with positive people, work hard, and be patient.

In 2009, Walth joined the U.S. team in the Czech Republic for the International Paralympics Archery World Championship. She snagged the bronze medal and broke two of her previous world records. The Paralympic World Championships dropped the visually impaired category in 2011 and 2013 because of low participation. Nevertheless, Walth is making strides for the sport as an archer, philanthropist and advocate for the visually impaired. This is her story.

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Wednesday, August 29th

Faith Oakley

Faith Oakley was born with a condition that stops her from using her right arm. She challenged herself in the 4th grade and tried archery, and fell in love with it. Faith is able to use a regular bow by using a mouth tab. She holds the bow with her left arm, and draws the string with the mouth tab clenched between her molars. Already she has teached a few kids to shoot with a mouth tab, and is aiming to become a certified archery instructor so she can help even more. “If there’s something you want to do, no matter what obstacles you have, take that dream and run with it,” says faith. It is incredibly inspiring to see someone overcome such an obstacle, especially at such a young age! And to top it all off, her level of selflessness and desire to help others could teach us all a thing or two!

She was born with Erb-Duchenne palsy, a condition that prevents use of her right arm. So, when a summer camp counselor asked Oakley to try archery in fourth grade, she almost didn’t. She hesitated a split-second, but then trusted her faith and agreed. The counselor helped Oakley hold the bow and, to her surprise, she shot her first bull’s-eye. That was all she needed to fall in love.

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Wednesday, August 29th

Geena Davis, archer extraordinaire

Talented actress Geena Davis has an unexpected skill, shes an amazing archer! She started practicing at 41 years old, and became the 13th best archer in the United States. She also tried out for the 2000 Olympics and finished 24th of 300. Davis claims to love archery for its meditative qualities, and for its assistance in teaching her so much about herself. She continues to use her platform, and love for archery, to inspire women and young girls around the world to believe in themselves. As Geena says," if she can see it, she can be it."

In fact, at one point Davis was the 13th best archer in the United States and finished 24th of 300 women trying out for the 2000 Olympics, according to the Huffington Post. As if that’s not inspiring enough, in the hit movie “A League of Their Own” – which celebrates its 25th anniversary July 2017 – Davis empowered women to pursue sports and showed everyone that women are just as athletic as men. In the movie, Davis showed women how to dominate a baseball diamond. But in real life, she’s also showed them a thing or two about dominating on the archery range.

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Tuesday, August 28th

Archery themed gatherings

Okay, somebody went down a pintrest rabbit hole... But who doesn't love a good cheesy themed gathering? Parties, weddings, birthday parties, dinners, or what have you. If you're thinking about an archery themed thing- here's some ideas. Keeping the color to a theme is always cool, why not do it in red, blue, and yellow like a classic target? And food wise... there's plenty of things that can be speared! Meat, Veggie, or dessert kabobs, or just plunge a big one right through a tiered cake! Little target and bulls-eye designs on cookies and cupcakes are easy too. And invitations can be printed with a target right on them! Check out the photos below for more ideas.

Whether you’re having an archery wedding, or just dreaming of having one someday, we’ve got you covered with 10 of our favorite ideas…and even more photos. Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has gained 30 billion pins on 750 million boards maintained by 70 million users. One of the hottest topics? Weddings. Also gaining in popularity? Archery. If marrying the two are “pinteresting” to you, look no further.

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Tuesday, August 28th

Tattoos for your wooden bow

Feeling crafty? Want to personalize your bow and show off your art skills? Consider trying out wood burning! You can buy this tool at just about any craft store or hobby shop, and they're pretty easy and fun to use. Burn in your shooting mantra, your (or the bows) name, your favorite animal, or whatever you want! If you're enough in love with archery, why not get matching tattoos with your bow?

Tattoo your bow with a powerful animal, real or mystical. If you want your bowstrings to breathe fire, try emblazoning your bow with a mighty dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon, right? “Game of Thrones,” anyone? Designs like that require a finer tip and linework. If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, take your bow to an archery shop and hire a professional to “tat” it up.

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Tuesday, August 28th

Archery is good for you!

Although it is a valid sport, a lot of people probably don't recognize archery to be as beneficial as running or sports with more movement involved. But, there are lots of great things you can take from it! For one, it is a good amount of exercise-drawing a bow burns about 140 calories per half-hour! Not to mention running back and forth to gather your arrows. It is a great deal of strength training too! Focus, coordination, confidence, and relaxation are all important benefits too!

Archers learn to tune out all distractions, focus on their form, and release the bowstring consistently. Concentrating during archery practice can help you focus better in other areas of life too. Competing in tournaments is also good practice for coping with high-pressure situations.

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Tuesday, August 28th

5 Typical Archery Mistakes

Here are the top 5 things that mess up a good shot- and how to fix them.

INCONSISTENT STANCE- place some painters tape or other things on the floor to help you keep your stance consistent.

ELBOW ROTATION-keep your bow arm’s elbow rotated straight up and down while drawing and releasing.

HOOK (FINGER POSITION ON THE BOWSTRING)- keep it consistent and be mindful in your finger placement.

ANCHOR POINT- Again, keep it consistent!! Draw back to the same spot each time.

STRONG SHOTS- be strong in your release and follow through, focus on your technique and use your muscles.

If you’ve ever been to an archery class, you’ve probably heard someone ask, “Why aren’t my arrows hitting the middle?” Though every shot is a learning opportunity, it’s still a great feeling to hit a bull’s-eye, and it’s OK to want to hit the middle every time!

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Tuesday, August 28th

Fun Archery Challenges

The monotony of #archery practice can get tiring and take the fun out of the sport. Try switching it up! There are plenty of games that can be played that will help improve your accuracy and techniques. Video Shoots, Poker, Tic Tac Toe, shooting fruits and balloons are all great ways to have fun on the range with your bow!

People need roughly 10,000 hours of practice to become experts, according to author Malcolm Gladwell. His theory has worked its way deep into pop culture. And although his time requirement might be inaccurate, almost all practice improves performance. After you learn the basics of archery, improving your skills requires hours on the range. For some archers, the simple thrill of improving keeps them at full draw and flinging arrows. Other archers, however, grow bored with routine practice.

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Tuesday, August 28th

DIY Bow stand

Why not DIY? Save yourself a lot of money and get some self satisfaction out of it! Start off your DIY journey with a simple bow or target stand. You can use wood, but PVC pipes are the way to go in my opinion. The PVC is weatherproof; you don't have to mess around with tools, nails, and screws (just adhesive if you want it to be reinforced); and you can easily customize fun features. Add a cup holder, or leave a pipe or two facing up for an awesome arrow holder!

Do-it-yourself projects have enjoyed great popularity the past two decades thanks to internet giants like Etsy, Pinterest and other sites that help craftsmen unleash their building skills. In fact, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman recently launched a competition show geared toward crafters called “Making It.”

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Friday, August 24th

Amateur success story

Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks! At 43, Saar “Storm” Elazar took his daughters to the archery range after not having been since childhood. When he picked up the bow, Storm describes the feeling as everything clicking into place, and he had suddenly had found his calling. He dedicated himself to the sport, practicing every day. He then was able to compete in the Lancaster Archery Classic in 2016, and plans to compete in the next one this coming January. Saar's inspirational story just goes to show that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to through Hard work, determination, and believing in yourself. You can follow his story on Instagram @stormitwinit .

Saar “Storm” Elazar, age 43, is on the path to show others that no matter your age, you can shoot for the stars. Two years ago, Storm visited a local archery range to spend quality time with his daughters, sharing an experience with them that he loved as a child. As soon as he shot his first arrow, Storm felt that childlike glee again and knew archery was his calling.

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Thursday, August 16th

X-Force Blade Pro Crossbow

Carbon Express' X-Force Blade Pro #Crossbow shoots arrows out at an astounding 350 feet per second! This Crossbow is lightweight, ambidextrous, and includes their Quiet Crank Cocking Winch to make cocking 90% easier for you.

Delivering first-rate performance to users from novice to expert, the new X-Force Blade Pro Crossbow by Carbon Express features heart-pounding speed and staggering accuracy in an extremely versatile and affordable package. Feathering the scales lighter than its competition, the compact X-Force Blade Pro comes ready to hunt with factory-matched components for superior performance and is equipped with a Quiet Crank Cocking Winch.

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Wednesday, August 15th

Choosing a Compound Bow

Thinking about springing for a Compound Bow? Here are some things to keep in mind in order to get the right fit for you.
Determine your dominant eye and hand, the length of your draw, anchor point, Draw weight, let off, and brace height. Read the article below for a more detailed explanation.

Beginner bowhunters come from varying backgrounds. Some are veteran firearms hunters who long considered taking up the bow or are just looking for an opportunity to spend more days afield and put more venison in the freezer. Others are rank amateurs attracted by the allure. Whatever your case may be, there are a few things you’ll want to know before buying your first compound bow.

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Wednesday, August 15th

All-New Elevation Bow Cases

Elevation has released two New Bow Cases. The new Suspense and the Jetstream travel case both feature Mossy Oak's Break-Up Country Camo Pattern.

Elevation is a U.S.-based brand that specializes in high-quality products engineered specifically for the modern day archer. From the range to the woods, Elevation has what you need to safely transport your gear, and your bow, through whatever the day may bring. The two newest bow cases they are offering are the Suspense and the Jetstream, both in Break-Up Country.

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Tuesday, August 7th

Lakewood Bowfile

Lakewood Products has revamped their Bowfile Case. Adding extra room to the case gives more space for bow accessories, ideally keeping all of your gear in one place. Plus it has a lifetime warranty so whats to lose!

By adding 1.5 inches to the case's already generous vertical height, the new and improved Bowfile now accommodates an even wider array of modern sight mounts and longer stabilizers. With an external vertical dimension of 17.5 inches and an internal capacity of 16 inches, Lakewood's top-loading drop-in design is more convenient than ever for loading, transporting and storing a bow with all of its accessories on, including the quiver.

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Thursday, August 2nd

Fixed-Blade Broadhead

Durable, accurate, quiet,and reliable are all attributes that describe Muzzy's New Merc Fixed 3 blade broadheads. Made of one piece of solid stainless steel, this broadhead won't shed its blades no matter what it hits.

Muzzy Broadheads, the makers of the world's number-one selling fixed-blade broadhead, continues to lead the charge in fixed-blade technology with the introduction of the new Merc three-blade broadhead. Living up to the standard which Muzzy has set, the new Merc is strong, durable and accurate.

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Tuesday, July 24th

Rage X-Treme 4-Blade Broadhead

The Rage X-Treme expandable 4-blade broadhead has a total cutting surface of 3.1 inches. Designed for those who want the quickest kill and quite possibly the most gore when #bow #hunting with this blade.

With a deep-penetrating sweeping blade angle, HUGE 2.3-inch cutting diameter and field-point accurate shooting, it's difficult to think how such a devastating and reliable design could be taken any further. 2018 welcomes the next generation of the X-Treme broadhead: the Rage X-Treme 4-blade, Rage's first expandable broadhead to feature a 7/8″ leading edge cut-on-contact tip.

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Tuesday, July 17th

Piledriver 390 Crossbow

Fully adjustable to provide the perfect fit, the Piledriver 390 #Crossbow from Carbon Express is a force to be reckoned with. The name is due to the incredible 390 feet per second speed that this crossbow can launch arrows. With many useful features and such a well thought out design, this crossbow is worth checking out!

When it comes to hunting with a crossbow, there's no substitute for speed … as long as comfort, accuracy and shootability are not sacrificed in the process. Recognizing this, Carbon Express set its sights on creating a crossbow that produced incredible speed without sacrificing performance.

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Thursday, May 17th

The Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow S

The Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow Sight from Burris is all aluminum and waterproof. Very techy and accurate!

The Burris Oracle Laser Rangefinding Bow Sight was designed for bow hunters who understand the importance of minimal movement and properly ranging targets when mere seconds and feet count.

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Monday, April 23rd

Gold Tip & Bee Stinger Archers

Gold Tip Pro Staff Manager Tim Gillingham recently took home top honors in the second Archery Shooters Association Pro/Am of the year in Fort Benning, Georgia.

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Tuesday, March 13th

Elevate the Sport of Bowhunting

Select few professionals possess the passion, skill and sheer tenacity to break record after record in their chosen field. Fewer still can stake that claim in more than one arena. Indeed, where the expansive and enthusiastic worlds of hunting, rock and roll and Americanism intersect, you’ll find one undeniably influential individual; you’ll find Ted Nugent.

Likewise, only a handful of companies operating in the outdoors sector can show a history of bringing products to market that truly revolutionize their industry. And only one can lay claim to the genesis of the game-changing scent-control apparel category for hunters. For 26 years, ScentLok has consistently and continually developed new technologies and products that provide hunters with a proven advantage against their enemy number-one: a whitetail’s nose.

Today, ScentLok is excited to announce a formal partnership with Ted Nugent and his award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show, which recently celebrated its landmark 500th episode. The partnership will result in ScentLok providing support for Nugent’s wildly popular Outdoor Channel production, while putting his considerable influence to work on the promotion of the ScentLok, OZ and Tree Spider lines of products.

“I know no other person more passionate about hunting, and expanding and advocating the rights of our consumers than Ted Nugent,” says ScentLok VP Marketing, Nick Andrews. “His active outreach and work on behalf of the American hunter spans from weekend warriors all the way to the highest levels of political office. His work to preserve our great outdoor heritage for future generations – as well as our rights and freedoms as Americans – is appreciated by millions. We’re thrilled to be formally working with Ted to support our collective vision, mission and influence.” Uncle Ted shares the enthusiasm: “My American Dream quality of life is maximized by my soul cleansing outdoor lifestyle. ScentLok enhances it all! They are my Spirit of the Wild Blood Brothers.”

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Tuesday, March 13th

Scholastic 3-D Archery

#ObsessionBows and Trophy Taker are pleased to announce their support of Scholastic 3-D #Archery ( #S3DA ) and their mission to educate and promote youth and high school archery.

Through their participation as a Gold Level partner, Obsession and Trophy Taker will encourage S3DA member schools and clubs in their efforts to guide youth in the development of the archery skills and ethical bowhunting practices. “The bold stance taken by Obsession & Trophy Taker in sponsoring S3DA deeply resonates with the core values behind the Scholastic 3-D Archery motto, ‘Bringing families together one arrow at a time,’” says Jennie Richardson, Executive Director of Scholastic 3-D Archery. “The Arcus Hunting company has a strong commitment to family values and educating youth. S3DA is proud to work with them to promote and grow our sport by creating an entirely new generation of archers and bowhunters.”

“S3DA has seen tremendous growth in the number of participants and new programs being established, and we are proud to be able to support what they’re doing to grow the sport of Archery,” said Jon Lené, VP Sales for Arcus Hunting. “The new Hashtag performance youth bow from Obsession is a perfect fit for all levels of S3DA competition and when accessorized with a Trophy Taker arrow rest, every archer has a chance at the medal stand.” Established in 2012 by the Scholastic Archery Association, today S3DA operates in nearly 40 states with hundreds of certified coaches and thousands of archers in grades 3-12.

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Thursday, March 8th

Obsession Bows Partners with Kristy

#ObsessionBows is excited to announce a multi-year exclusive agreement with professional #hunter Kristy Titus and her digital video series, “Pursue The Wild”. The series, viewable on YouTube and Amazon TV, follows Titus on hunting adventures in the backcountry of the West, whitetail pursuits and includes insights on becoming a more efficient hunter, all while promoting the ideals of conservation and public lands stewardship.

Obsession Bows joins the Arcus Hunting brands of Ramcat Broadheads, Trophy Taker and Dead Down Wind as sponsors of Pursue The Wild. “Kristy is a remarkable storyteller and presents our lineup of scent control and archery products in a way that complements the adventure while showcasing how they contribute to her success,” says Chip Hunnicutt, Director of Marketing for Arcus Hunting.

“Arcus Hunting represents iconic, industry leading brands that truly make hunters more successful afield,” said Titus. “Dead Down Wind, Ramcat Broadheads and Trophy Taker Rests are all proven to perform accurately and reliably in their respective categories and have proven success behind them. Adding Obsession Bows to our partnership was a natural fit, but for me it goes beyond that; I am getting better performance and increased speed from my Obsession Fixation than any other bow I have ever shot. Archery season can't come soon enough!”

Pursue The Wild recently had the film “Moments” selected for the prestigious 2018 Full Draw Film Tour. The feature follows Titus to Missouri for a dramatic whitetail deer hunt, expertly capturing the anxieties and joys of bowhunting. “Kristy’s digital series is a great vehicle for our brands and we are excited about the exposure they’ll get through her selection for the Full Draw Film Tour,” added Hunnicutt.

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Monday, February 12th

CHUNK Archery Target

#DeltaMcKenzie , the leader in manufacturing and supplying #archery #targets, has introduced the Chunk layered target for broadhead and field-point practice. Chunk’s innovative features include integrated handles so no ropes or wraps are needed.

The cube design offers equal arrow penetration depth on all sides providing an increased total shoot-able area. With the ability to shoot all sides, archers will appreciate getting more use out of their target. Additional features include bright white aiming spots and durable Mo’Foam. Patented Mo’Foam is the densest foam on the market and Delta’s exclusive heat process fuses it together into a single block. The welded-solid design eliminates the straps and bands that are needed to hold other brands’ layered targets together. Chunk is rated for high-speed bows and most crossbows. Visit their website to see the Chunk and full line of Delta McKenzie archery targets.

Features: Cube design—shoot-able on all sides, Integrated handles, Heat-welded layered durable Mo’Foam construction, Field-point and broadhead compatible, Available in three sizes: 12”, 15”, and 18”, MSRP: 12″ – $39.99, 15″ – $74.99, 18″ – $119.99.

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Thursday, February 1st

Hard Crossbow Case

Tenpoint #Crossbow Technologies recently launched their EVO-X Premium Accessory Series at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN.

A collection of high-tech crossbow accessories designed to elevate the hunting experience, the EVO-X series includes the new Hammerhead hard crossbow case designed to fit most crossbows on the market. Designed for maximum protection and durability, the water-resistant case features an extremely durable shell constructed from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) wrapped in 600D Polyester, as well as a velvet interior lining for added protection.

In addition, the interior of the case includes two hook and loop straps to secure the crossbow during travel, as well as 4 foam pads for protection. A top-loading quiver location also includes straps. The lockable Hammerhead case features a side-mounted, polypropylene rubber grip handle for easy transportation. In addition, it is equipped with three D-rings that may be used as sling mounts for right or left shoulder carrying, anchor points to secure the case during transport, and can be used in conjunction with the heavy-duty zipper handles to lock the case.

The case’s side hinge provides easy opening on a tailgate or inside of an SUV and its integrated stirrup pass-thru with storm flap allows the customer to hang the crossbow in the case for easy storage. Rick Bednar, CEO, is confident a premium-level case such as the Hammerhead has a place in today’s crossbow market. “With the recent surge in crossbow sales, many crossbow owners are searching for ways to protect their investment,” he said. “The sleek Hammerhead case offers the perfect blend of quality, fit, and protection for all crossbow brands.” The universal Hammerhead case fits most forward and reverse-draw crossbows on the market. If used with TSA approved locks (customer supplied), the case is TSA compliant.

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Wednesday, January 31st

Ravin Wins 2018 Golden Bullseye Bow

#NRA Publications has announced that the Ravin R9 Crossbow has earned a coveted #GoldenBullseyeAward as the 2018 American Hunter “ #Bow of the Year.”

The Ravin was selected by a seven-member committee of seasoned editors, graphic designers and veteran NRA Publications staff. According to the award announcement, the committee chose the Ravin R9 as the category winner based on the crossbow’s reliability in the field, innovation in design and function, value to customers, and style befitting the shooting and hunting industry and its enthusiasts.

“We made a concerted effort to develop a crossbow that would resonate with gun hunters and shooters,” said Executive Vice President of Ravin Mike Weinkauf. “This prestigious award is yet another validation that we are accomplishing our goal of developing products for people looking for a bow with unmatched downrange accuracy and rifle-like performance and feel.” NRA Publications will present this Golden Bullseye Award during a special breakfast at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas on Friday, May 4, 2018.

In addition to winning the trophy, Ravin and the award-winning R9 will be featured in an editorial overview of the Golden Bullseye Awards. Articles will appear in the May issues of American Rifleman, American Hunter and Shooting Illustrated magazines. According to Doug Hamlin, Executive Director of NRA Publications, “This year's winners exemplify what NRA members want in their shooting and hunting equipment—outstanding performance, innovative design and value. We congratulate those who have created the industry’s best new products and look forward to recognizing them in Dallas.”

The Ravin R9 was the first bow introduced by the company in October 2016. Since then, the company has taken the archery and hunting industry by storm with the introduction of the R15 at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) show in 2017 and the subsequent launch of the R10 and R20 models at the ATA show in January of this year. All Ravin bows are built around HeliCoil technology, which keeps all cables and strings above the rail in a revolutionary design that drives unparalleled downrange accuracy and allows the bows to shoot 3” groups at 100 yards. The Ravin R10 and R20 are now available for purchase and the new R20 Sniper Package, also introduced at ATA 2018 and featuring jackplate scope mounting system for even more precise accuracy, will be available in Spring 2018.

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Wednesday, January 31st

New Archery Product at SHOT Show 20

#Garmin #Xero takes the guess work out of range-finding of a target. Bow sights work by giving archers a reference point to use to aim at targets at varying distances. Because arrows arc dramatically in flight, choosing the correct sight pin is critical. Miscalculating by just a few yards can be the difference between a perfect ethical shot and a non-recovered animal that suffers.

How It Works

The Xero comes in two models, the A1 and A1i. The core components include an integrated laser range finder and an LCD screen showing distance, true horizontal distance, and angle of shot.

The bow sight itself uses these variables to create a virtual sight pin at the exact right point for each shot. Once you range the target, the sight creates a virtual pin for precise arrow placement.

Thus, the #archer can draw the bow, put that pin on the target, and release the arrow. The archer must still shoot correctly, but the sight should at least be on the correct distance for the shot. Because various arrows fly differently, the sight allows for up to 10 different arrow profiles.

Garmin claims to have built the Xero to handle any conditions a hunter can throw at it, including functionality when/if the cord becomes separated or damaged. And the Xero sports an IPX7 waterproofing.

This package comes in at 14.7 ounces, which is 5–6 ounces heavier than non-range-finding sights.

Once The Arrow Flies

Garmin built a Laser Locate function into the Xero that stores the range and compass heading for each shot into the device. These stored range-heading combinations can be sent to a compatible Garmin GPS device to set a waypoint to the last known location of an animal shot. It’s also useful in setting a waypoint for the location of an animal bedded or any other important points. The waypoint can be sent via ANT to your Garmin Rino 750 or 755, to the Oregon 700 series, or to the Fenix 5, 5s, or 5x.

The base model of the Xero A1 comes in at $799 and the feature rich A1i at $999. The Xero range-finding bow sight will be available mid-March.

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Tuesday, January 23rd

Wicked Ridge Crossbow

Wicked Ridge #Crossbows, known for producing top value, precision performance crossbows, introduced its new Invader X4 model at the 2018 #ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN.

The next generation of the best-selling Wicked Ridge Invader model is an incredible 1.25” shorter, ½-pound lighter, 4” narrower, and 30 feet-per-second faster than its predecessor. Proudly built in America, it features an all-new stock and bow assembly configuration designed for the ultimate in handling, durability, and maneuverability.

“Wicked Ridge crossbows always have been and always will be built right here in America to provide our customers with the highest quality crossbows,” said TenPoint CEO, Rick Bednar. “Once you handle this crossbow – with how lightweight and narrow it is – it’s easy to see this truly is a new era for Wicked Ridge and one that will revolutionize what a value crossbow stands for.”

Built to perform in the tightest of shooting situations, the narrow bow assembly consists of a newly designed riser and machined aluminum limb pockets fitted with 11” WRX laminated limbs. Powered by heavy-duty machined 4S Cams and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables, the bow assembly measures a narrow 15-inches wide and drives an arrow down-range up to a blazing 360 feet-per-second.

Its unique stock design, engineered to lighten the crossbow, improve handling, and withstand years of hunting, is molded from dampening glass-filled polypropylene to increase strength and reduce weight. The butt stock comes pre-installed with the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking device and includes an integrated crank handle compartment.

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Monday, January 22nd

Kruger Crossbow Scope

Kruger Optical invites crossbow enthusiasts to check out the new Kruger XBow-100TM #crossbow #scope , which will be introduced at the 2018 SHOT Show. The new 1-4×24 scope will be among the products featured in Booth 331 at the #SHOTShow, Jan. 23-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

The scope was developed in response to growing interest in crossbow shooting, said Kruger Optical President Mark Thomas. With the development of increasingly accurate high-end crossbows, demand has grown for high-performance optics to mount on them. Kruger developed the XBow-100 to enable archers to shoot with even greater accuracy.

“There is nothing like this available on the market,” Thomas said. “This product allows the serious cross- bow shooter to shoot more accurately and at longer distances.” The new scope features a patent-pending Bolt Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle. This reticle allows shooters to take bolt weight into account when estimating the impact point, in addition to bolt speed and distance.

The reticle shows impact points for different yardages and bolt weights. A patent-pending Vernier scale on the FPS (feet per second) adjustment ring allows the user to make additional accommodations for changes in bolt speeds. The scope can account for bolt speeds of between 250 and 450 feet per second.

Shooters will also appreciate the scope’s extra-wide field of view, which will help them to quickly and easily find their targets. Field of view ranges from 31.1 feet at 100 yards at 4-power to 124.5 feet at 100 yards at 1-power. “The system has superb field of view for quick acquisition of game,” Thomas said. The reticle is illuminated, and the optics are fully coated for superior light transmission. Overall it is compact and lightweight, with generous eye relief. It’s also waterproof and fogproof, making it an excellent choice for any weather.

Kruger anticipates that the scopes will be available to key dealers and retailers during the spring of 2018. Dealers and retailers may contact Titch White, vice president of sales and marketing, to discuss this scope and other Kruger Products. White may be reached by phone at (336) 932-2312, or by email at Titch@krugeroptical.com.

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Friday, January 19th

5 Sweet Archery Treats

#Baking brings comfort and joy to both the baker and the person noshing on the baked treats. It’s a pastime many families enjoy during the holiday season, just like they can enjoy #shooting #archery together year-round. So, sprinkle in a little archery with your love when you bake this season.

A bow-and-arrow-shaped cookie is sure to be a hit with any archer. The design is versatile enough to stand alone or be used within a theme. Children would stare in awe if these were at a “Brave”-themed party – especially if Merida and Santa were in attendance!

If you have some artistic chops, draw archery-themed designs on cookies for your next get together. You can be as simplistic or detailed as you want. Guests will appreciate the time and effort it took to create them and you just might help get some friends interested in trying your favorite sport.

Spice up pre-made cookies or cupcakes by adorning them with a bow-and-arrow topper. Toppers are perfect when you want to add elements of fun and whimsy to last-minute dessert duty.

If you like the ease of a cookie cutter, but still want to handmake something, use an archery-themed cookie cutter as a base, and decorate on top of it. Place an arrow-shaped cookie on top of a circular cookie to easily create an arrow hitting a target. This dessert is – shall we say – a perfect 10.

Use a cookie cutter that’s already in the shape of an arrow hitting a bull’s-eye if ease and speed are your thing. Impress your guests with this intricate design, and only you’ll know how easy they were to make.

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Friday, January 19th

Archery Target Options

#Archers #shoot big #targets, little targets, bag targets, block targets, 3-D targets and more! The archery market offers many sizes and styles of targets, so let’s find one that’s right for you.

Hay bales are made from herbaceous plants that were cut, dried and packed together. They’re suitable for beginners because they’re big and cheap, and arrows penetrate them easily. Youths and others shooting low-poundage bows have no problem getting arrows to stick in hay bales, which can also handle large target faces. Hay bales, however, deteriorate quickly outdoors and even get munched by animals, so you’ll replace them often. It helps to cover them with a tarp or keep them in a barn or garage, but their bundles soon collapse when shot often.

Bag targets have a thick shell, usually woven polypropylene, and are stuffed with cotton or plastic-foam scraps. These midsize, inexpensive targets are easy to find, and they’re great for novice compound archers. They’re also portable, and can be quickly moved inside to avoid rain and sunlight, which degrade the material. Youths and recurve archers might discover their arrows don’t always penetrate the bag’s tough, pliable surface. Beginners might also struggle to hit these smaller targets. Hang or mount bag targets off the ground so you don’t shoot downward at them. Secure them tightly so they can’t tip over backward or fall forward onto your arrows.

As their name implies, layered foam targets are made from plastic-foam layers. They’re great for archers who shoot regularly. They hold up well and don’t shed residue as readily as bag targets do, unless you practice with broadheads. Don’t leave these targets outdoors, and don’t shoot into the same spot day after day. Those actions weaken these targets and shorten their lifespan.

Solid foam targets can handle repetitive daily shooting by advanced archers because they’re made of high-density plastic foam. They usually have long lifespans and can tolerate weather, making them great for outdoor use. Most modular foam targets have replaceable sections that renew their life after countless shooting sessions. These targets are expensive, but their high-quality designs make them last.

3-D targets are excellent for bowhunting practice. These life-size animal targets help bowhunters gain perspective and experience shooting at spots not marked by bull’s-eyes. You can also position them to simulate hunting situations. A 3-D target helps you evaluate your shot placement to ensure clean, ethical shots at multiple angles. These targets can be expensive, but most can handle broadheads, and they have replaceable inserts for their “vitals” section. Be sure to set up a backstop behind your 3-D target for occasional misses. A large piece of plywood or particle board suffices.

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Friday, January 19th

Toothpick Crossbows

So, these exist. We get that sometimes the office can get a little stale and needs to be livened up. Other times you just need to take a break from your all-night study session. Wherever boredom finds you, shoo it away with a #mini #crossbow… just don’t #shoot an eye out.

Ghosts don’t sleep, but they should be afraid. With an infrared sight, the Ghost Hunter One mini crossbow will bring specters to their eternal slumber.

Take your target practice to go with the Bowman Gold, a sleek gold crossbow that’s perfect for shooting down boredom, wherever it pops up.

Skip the range and hit the town with the Ace Sniper. With a range of 15-25 meters and a chamber for additional ammo, you’ll be practicing everywhere.

Can’t find toothpicks? No worries, the BB Sniper has got your covered. Complete with mini bb’s included, this crossbow is a stainless steel sharpshooter.

The name says it all. With a self-loading chamber, the Ambush Sniper gives you a hand over your opponent, allowing a quick and accurate strike.

It’s back in black. The BB Sniper Black just as well as the Silver version, but there’s something about black that looks more sleek and menacing.

You don’t need an archery range to improve your shot. Unleash the power of the Silent Sweeper and it’s handmade stainless steel wherever you go.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Bowman Black is a classic, and a perfect everyday carry crossbow for the archer on the move. Having fun can also look good!

Silver, shiny, and small. The Bowman Silver is the mini crossbow that’s both versatile and accurate enough for any target.

The multi-round Ace Sniper is a doozy. With up to 25 meters in range, no one is safe from your sight. Your enemies won’t even know what hit them.

Ghosts, ghosts, go away. Come again another day. Actually, it’s really not safe for any ghosts when the Ghost Hunter Two is around. Its infrared sight will track down any soul floating around.

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Tuesday, January 16th

TenPoint Shadow NXT

TenPoint #Crossbow Technologies’ New #2018 Shadow NXT is the company’s “next generation” in their long-line of benchmark setting crossbows. Built unlike any crossbow in its price-range, the Shadow NXT combines TenPoint’s Narrow Crossbow Technology (NXT) bow assembly measuring 6.5-inches wide with a lightweight, carbon-injected barrel to produce pin-point, down-range accuracy.

“The new Shadow NXT exemplifies the evolution of the crossbow,” said Rick Bednar, TenPoint CEO. “At its price-point, you cannot find the same combination of width, speed, and durability in any other crossbow on the market.” Fueled by new XR6 cams and featuring Vector Quad cable technology, the NXT bow assembly is the difference maker for this top-of-the-line crossbow.

The bow assembly is mounted to a new lightweight 20.25-inch carbon-injected polymer barrel, which dramatically reduces noise, weight, and vibration. It is fitted with the company’s 3 ½ lb. auto-engaging safety trigger housed in a lightweight machined aluminum trigger box. Molded from glass-fiber-infused PolyOne OnForce, the high-tech stock is built with optimal comb-height and length-of-pull and uses strategically placed cutouts in the butt stock to reduce weight.

Like all TenPoint models, this model is equipped with dual-purpose rubber safety wings to reduce noise and vibration as well as helping to keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand safely below the flight deck. The bow and stock assemblies combine to create a crossbow unlike any other at its price-point – weighing in at 7-pounds, measuring only 32.2-inches long without foot stirrup, and shooting up to blistering speeds of 380 feet-per-second.

Equipped with the ACUdraw, or packaged with the NEW ACUdraw 50 SLED or Rope Sled cocking devices, and illuminated 3x Pro-View 2 Scope, the Shadow NXT is double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo. The model ships completely assembled and sells only as a complete package that includes a cocking device, three Pro Elite carbon arrows, integrated string stop system, and a quiver. Shadow NXT MAP: $1,099.99 with Rope Sled, $1,199.99 with ACUdraw 50 SLED, or $1,299.99 with ACUdraw. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is 100 percent American owned, operated, and all its crossbow models are manufactured in Mogadore, Ohio.

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Thursday, January 11th

Guns vs. Bows

In a SHTF situation, having survival #weapons and the knowledge to use them is an incredible advantage. Your ability to protect and feed both yourself and your loved ones in a dangerous situation will dictate whether or not make through the crisis. But, bow or gun? One might prefer #guns over #bows or probably use both but just like anything else that is existing in this world, each one of them has their pros and cons, advantages and advantages in a survival situation. So scroll down and learn what they are and choose which one will fit you best.

Bow Pros: Bow weapons are my #1 long term weapon choice, for the pure fact that even if I run out of ammo, I’m still OK. A deer could run off with my last arrow in its leg, leaving me hungry. But all I need to do is make a new arrow from the many different available materials in both wild and urban environments to be back on the hunt. The second greatest trait of bows is their silence when properly using string silencers. Not all survival situations are against animals. So if your enemy is smart, he will more than likely track you down based on the direction an arrow came from if they saw it flying towards them.

Bow Cons: The bow’s rate of fire, especially crossbows, has long been their main sighted downfall, even going back to middle ages. Such criticism is being argued even more so today, as modern firearms increase rates of fire, and new technology is preventing regular misfires. That’s why practicing now is so important Bow shots must be done from a much closer range than a rifle. Meaning that it requires a high degree of situational awareness and stealth efforts to get as close as possible without alerting the target to your presence. Many survival bows will require you to be as close as 30 – 50 yards from your targets.

Gun Pros: Rates of fire & long distance from targets will depend widely on the type of firearm used, type of metal used for the bullet, and the ammo’s powder grain weight in the case. Though even with all those factors, you will still be able to hit a target at a greater distance than a bow, even with just a simple .22 LR round. Unlike bows, firearms are very easy to pick up and learn how to stop something in its tracks. We have seen this proven time and again with children used in conflict zones. Add to that the number of news reports here in the US, where children were able to use a parent’s firearm to hold off intruders.

Gun Cons: Ammo shortages have been a major issue even in this modern world of today, even if factories are manufacturing rounds after rounds of ammunition on a daily basis because of its high demand. Not all bullets are made the same. Even if you can find ammo or your come across someone else’s bug out ammo stash in the woods it probably wouldn’t be compatible. The sound is the biggest con for firearms, as this fact alone can present many challenges that a bow weapon does not have.

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Thursday, January 11th

Clothes for Future Archers

If you are an #archer or #bowhunter and expecting a #baby, you are in luck! From onesies to cribs to nursery decor, parents have more options than ever before to show the world their archery pride while caring for their newborns. Arrows are trendy now, so why not save yourself from the world of baby gear saturated with giraffes, monkeys and bears and create a space that reflects your love of the outdoors and what you hope to instill in your child?

I’ve been a fan of combining archery and baby stuff since my husband and I hosted a Facebook Live archery trick shot gender reveal for our first baby back in February. Since then I’ve been gathering ideas and baby gear that express my love for bows and arrows. Interested in expressing your love for archery via baby gear? Here are a few of my favorite archery baby finds.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “‘Baby-wearing’ is recommended not just as a response to crying, but to prevent crying and promote parent-infant attachment and the baby’s development.” Baby carrying options abound, from wraps to hiking backpacks. One middle-ground option is the Tula Baby Carrier, which is a soft-structured carrier available in a variety of fabric patterns. My personal favorite is “Archer,” which features a pattern of white stylized arrows on the part of the carrier where the baby sits. I’m looking forward to several walks and maybe even some archery range outings with my baby in this carrier.

Every baby’s got to wear something, so why not dress your baby for archery success? Thanks to my wonderful friends and coworkers, this baby is set with a bunch of super cute onesies and bibs that are archery and bowhunting themed. My favorites include “Camo Baby” and “Got Archery?” as well as a super cute deer-themed outfit for my future bowhunter. These outfits are available on Amazon, at Bass Pro Shops and at Babies R Us.

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Wednesday, January 10th

Quiet Quiver

We are really excited to have even a limited amount of #QuietQuivers for you! The Quiet Quiver is handmade in Fines Creek, NC by Ray Earnhardt. Ray is an accomplished long #bowhunter. The Quick Quiver was originally designed for the long bow, but it also is a great replacement of the quiver on your #compoundbow. It really works well on the compond bow because it eliminates the giant visual signal of the fletchings in the quiver on your compound bow when you move the bow even a small amount. Its easy for a deer to spot the fletchings on the arrows in your compound bow quiver even when you move the bow a small amount. “Hey, I'm right here” isn't the message you want to send to the deer.

We have have 5 available of the handmade quivers for sale. One is even left handed, so don't delay. This is awesome way to maintain a low visual and noise profile in the woods. Bow mounted quivers are convenient but the fletchings on the arrows attract attention every time you move your bow. This quiver allows you to reach down and quickly and quietly grab your arrow. It also uncaps to mount directly to your hunting pack or strap into your tree stand. This Quiet Quiver is handmade from scratch by Ray Earnhardt in Fines Creek, NC. Since its handmade, every quiver is slightly different. Pockets may change slight and mounting points may change slightly for better balance. Ray is an active long bow hunter and designed this quiver to improve his hunting experience.

Important details:
handmade in Fines Creek, NC
accommodates 31″ arrow with broad heads
4 layer construction (2 layers of Sunbrella waterproof fabric
with a layer of camo fleece and solid color fleece)
stiffened with rods from recycled carbon fiber arrows or fiberglass rods
mil-spec buckles and webbing
“no slide” cotton shoulder sling
outfitters foam to safely manage broad heads
pockets for extra items like bowstring and calls
treestand hang loop
able to interface with many hunting backpacks with addition of buckles

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Wednesday, January 10th

Micro-Diameter Arrows

Manufacturers of #hunting #gear are constantly releasing new products, often marketed with references to new technologies that will outperform everything else in their category. Sometimes these marketing claims are true. Other times, they fail to deliver on the hype. As a series, Technology On the Hunt highlights unique new technologies that offer real benefits for hunters in the field.

Improved Performance and Durability for Micro-Diameter Arrows: Micro-diameter arrows are a growing favorite among bow hunters because they can deliver higher velocities, maximum down-range energy retention and better resistance to wind drift. Ultimately, this should add up to superior accuracy, enhanced penetration and pass-through performance.

When shot at high speeds from today’s performance bows, however, many micro-diameter arrow shafts are prone to increased deflection on impact, especially with broadheads. This can result in a variety of undesirable outcomes, including unpredictable vector changes after impact, a loss of kinetic energy and damaged arrow shafts. Developed as a result of extensive micro-diameter arrow testing, Bloodsport Archery’s R.O.C. (Reliable Outsert Component) system eliminates the common failures associated with poorly engineered outserts that add stress to micro-diameter arrow walls and tips.

Consisting of a standard glue-in post and a threaded, reinforced outsert, the Bloodsport R.O.C. system incorporates a patented shock-absorbing design that transfers energy efficiently through the full length of the arrow shaft while maintaining accuracy. The result is greatly reduced deflection, which preserves energy for maximum impact shock and penetration. The clever R.O.C. system allows hunters to harness the full benefits of their micro-diameter arrows while experiencing more predictable performance, maximum energy and less arrow damage – during practice and in the field. The R.O.C. system is available in four sizes to work with most of today’s common micro-diameter arrow sizes.

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Wednesday, January 10th

Eclipse RCX Crossbow

TenPoint #Crossbow Technologies’ introduced its NEW Eclipse RCX crossbow. Featuring an innovative reverse cam #bow assembly and a time-tested stock and barrel configuration, it is the high-tech manufacturer’s latest response to a growing consumer preference for lighter, faster, more compact crossbows.

“Customer feedback drives our company and we hear every day that customers want lighter, faster, and more compact crossbows,” said Rick Bednar, TenPoint CEO. “With just a 140-pound draw weight and shooting speeds up to 370 feet per second, the new Eclipse is one of the most innovative, efficient platforms the crossbow industry has ever seen.” At the heart of the crossbow’s efficiency is the bow assembly’s new RCX Cam System. Measuring 13.5-inches axle-to-axle when cocked, the bow assembly creates an increased power stroke, at 14-inches, for a crossbow measuring just 34.75-inches long.

In addition, it allows the lightweight 140-pound bow assembly, equipped with 10.5-inch RCX limbs and new Brownell Rhino string and cables, to generate speeds up to 370 feet per second. Its newly designed, machined aluminum riser features Over-the-Top limb pocket and Zytel Limb Suspension System both separates and isolates the limbs from direct contact with the riser to reduce sound and vibration, as well as pre-installed String Dampening Rods (SDR) that further reduce noise and vibration.

Following the footprint of previous popular models, the Eclipse RCX features a lightweight 19.6-inch carbon-injected polymer barrel embedded in the company’s popular FSB (Functionally Superior Bullpup) stock. With optimal comb-height and length-of-pull, the FSB stock uses strategically placed cutouts to reduce weight. The barrel is bedded on rubber inserts and dual-purpose rubber safety wings to reduce noise and vibration as well as helping to keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand safely below the flight deck.

The combined stock and bow assemblies produce an ultra-narrow and light 140-pound draw weight model that weighs 6.9-pounds, measures only 34.75-inches long, and shoots a blistering 370 feet per second. Like all TenPoint models, the Eclipse RCX features TenPoint’s DFI (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) and 3 ½-lb. auto-engaging safety trigger housed in a lightweight machined aluminum trigger box. Equipped with the patented ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50, and illuminated 3x Pro-View 2 Scope, the Eclipse RCX is double-dip fluid imaged in Realtree Xtra camo. The model sells only as a complete package that includes the cocking mechanism, scope, three Pro Elite carbon arrows, String Dampening Rods (SDR), and a quiver Eclipse RCX MAP: $1,099 with ACUdraw 50 or $1,199 with ACUdraw. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is 100 percent USA owned, operated, and all its crossbow models are manufactured in Mogadore, Ohio.

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Wednesday, January 10th

Attractants For Deer Hunters

Tink’s, America’s #1 Buck Lure, is giving whitetail #deerhunters more ways to entice big bucks into #range with new lure dispensers, plus new additions to the popular Boost 73 line of attractants.

Get America’s #1 scent lure downwind fast with advanced vape technology! The E-Scent dispenser emits up to a remarkable 400 “puffs” of enticing Tink’s scent per cartridge. An included USB charger keeps the battery topped off, while a lanyard makes sure it’s always at the ready. Tink’s E-Scent comes with a synthetic #69 Doe-In-Ru scent cartridge. The E-Scent unit with scent cartridge, battery, USB charger and lanyard will be available for $24.99 MSRP. Additional cartridges in synthetic #1 Doe-P, synthetic Trophy Buck and synthetic #60 Doe-In-Rut scents will be available in two-packs with a handy carry case for $9.99 MSRP.

Revolutionary in its simplicity, yet incredibly effective, the new Tink’s Dial-A-Dripper screws directly on to any Tink’s scent bottle. “Dial” in the number of days to drip, and get ready to hunt. A combo kit including the Dial-A-Dripper, a neoprene hanger and two bottles of Tink’s 4-ounce Power Scrape Starter will be available for $19.99 MSRP. The Dial-A-Dripper unit and neoprene bag will be available for $9.99 MSRP. The new Tink’s Scent Reel holds 1-ounce of your favorite Tink’s lure. When ready to hunt, simply lift the wick cap to unreel 10” of lure-soaked wick, and hang. After the hunt, simply wind the wick back on the reel.

The Scent Reel will be available for $9.99 MSRP. Another exciting wick solution are the new Tink’s Scent Sponges, expanding up to three times their size for maximum soaking. Slip the sponge into a scent bottle, soak and hang on a branch, it’s that easy. Tink’s Scent Sponges will be available in packs of six for $4.99 MSRP. This year, charge up your hunt with Tink’s Boost 73 Power Station! The intense aroma of Boost 73 suspended by the included hanging strap attracts deer from their hiding spots, giving you your best shot, whether it’s a trail camera location or hunt stand.

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Tuesday, January 9th

Improving your Archery skills

Competitive #archery is rewarding and lots of fun, but as you gain experience you’ll want to do more than just participate. In the words of NFL coach Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game.” If you’ve set your sights on winning a tournament, you must master the sport’s physical and mental demands. Then you must gain experience by practicing those elements in competition. After that, you could be on your way to the podium and a gold medal.

Good shooting requires consistency, and that starts with your form, which is the process of shooting your bow naturally shot after shot. Classic archery form combines good posture and body mechanics with a consistent grip, stance and anchor point. No two bodies are alike, so it’s important to work with a coach to find the form that works best for your body. Once you’ve achieved a repeatable form, practice until it’s part of your subconscious. After a few thousands repetitions, your shots will feel as natural as walking.

Great form takes you far, but the best archers also excel at archery’s mental game. If you shoot great in practice but not as well on league nights or in other competitions, your form isn’t the culprit. Your mental game needs work. The key is to shoot like you’re not trying to win. Lean on mental strategies to bring home the gold.

A strong mental game helps you execute your good form when it counts. Much like your form, your mental strategy must match your personality. Instructors can help you develop a strategy, as can books like “With Winning in Mind” by Lanny Bassam, and “Archery: Think and Shoot Like a Champion,” by Terry Wunderle.

One mental game plan is to repeat a positive phrase while you shoot. This keeps you focused and stifles negative thoughts. Another strategy is a form checklist, which ensures you complete all the necessary steps to make each shot good. Once you find a mental strategy that works well, use it every time you shoot, especially in competitions.

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Tuesday, January 9th

Trophy Takers new archery accesorie

Next season starts now with exciting new #archery #accessories from Trophy Taker, a leader in innovative accessories for #bowhunters and competitive shooters.

The Tripwire is a buss cable-driven fall-away arrow rest that features a rugged polymer and metal construction. Offering a sleek, quiet and accurate rest like never seen before, the Tripwire is loaded with a superior dampening system and a smooth spring and launcher design. The Tripwire will be available in Stealth Black and left or right-handed configuration for an incredible $39.99 MSRP and backed by Trophy Taker’s unconditional lifetime warranty.

The all-new 2018 Throwdown is a buss cable-driven fall-away rest built around Trophy Taker’s bomb-proof launcher and spring design. The Throwdown features an ambidextrous design that sets up easily for left or right-handed shooters. The custom arrow containment ring, built-in silencing dampeners and a new tapered launcher instills confidence in the field. The super quiet operation, lightweight design and rugged over-sized fasteners indicate that this rest is truly built with the bowhunter in mind. The Throwdown will be available in Stealth Black for $79.99 MSRP.

The new Quad Steel brings Trophy Taker’s reputation of incredible accuracy, toughness and penetration! Incorporating CNC stainless steel construction, an Air-Channel tip, blade-over-shaft design and an integrated containment ring, Quad Steel broadheads are available in both 100 grain (3-pack, $39.99 MSRP) and 125 grains (2-pack, $39.99 MSRP). Two-pack replacement blades will also be available for $19.99 MSRP.

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Wednesday, January 3rd

Records Broken at World Archery Ind

The World #Archery Indoor Championships – U.S. Team Trials began today at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex. The two-day trials process featured 120 arrows of qualification today. A cut will be made to the top eight #archers in each category and those archers will shoot head to head in round robin match play to determine the top three archers who will compete in Yankton, South Dakota in mid-February 2018. Qualification saw intense competition and several records were broken for great excitement!

Brady Ellison (Globe, Arizona) led the recurve men with a lights-out perfect 300 to start, and finished with an insane 1196 to break the national record. With a 299 with 28 Xs in the third quarter, Ellison led the bracket by 24 points as second place qualifier Jack Williams (Irvine, California) finished another six points clear the rest of the men. Mackenzie Brown (Flint, Texas) also locked up a new national record for the recurve senior women with an incredible 1159 to break the previous 1156 best score. Khatuna Lorig (Denver, Colorado) posted an 1152 to hold second, over twenty points ahead of the remaining women.

The junior competition was especially heated. Cassidy Cox (Albuquerque, New Mexico) cleared the compound women’s field by fifteen points, setting a new national record with a strong 1174. Then, just twelve points separated the next seven archers making the cut for round robin matches. Ethan King (London, Kentucky) led the compound junior men with an 1182, while the next three archers all scored 1179s and 1171 marked the cut to make the top eight Trenton Cowles (Tarzana, California) and Seth McWherter (Central City, Iowa) led the recurve junior men with 1160 and 1159 respectively and then twelve points separated the archers ranking 3rd through 7th. An 1133 put Inga Pever (Houston, Texas) over twenty points ahead of the next finisher for the recurve junior women. Paul Tedford
(Great Falls, Montana) and Tate Morgan (Billings, Montana) matched with 1193s and with matching 1190s, Braden Gellenthien (Hudson, Massachusetts) and Jesse Broadwater (Ellenton, Florida) rounded out the top four for the compound senior men.

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Wednesday, January 3rd

5 ways to get started in archery

Interested in #archery ? The best way to get started is to find someone willing to teach you to #shoot . This can be done in several ways, either with a group or on your own. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to get to the range and pick up a #bow.

1. “Try Archery” Events
One simple way to try out archery is to attend a local event where instructors are running demonstrations, often referred to as a “Try Archery” event. Keep your eyes peeled for events run by local archery shops, parks and recreation departments, or state wildlife management agencies. A quick Internet search revealed to me that there are adult archery classes taking place less than 10 minutes from my house, run by a neighboring town’s recreation department. And even if the program you find looks like it might be oriented for kids, it is worth asking if adults can try archery too. If your local parks and rec department doesn’t have a class, ask if they could put one together. You’re probably not the only person in your town interested in picking up new archery skills.

2. USA Archery and ATA’s Explore Archery Program
Another option to seek out is the Explore Archery program run by USA Archery and the Archery Trade Association. I learned about Explore Archery in a recent archery instructor course, and it sounds awesome. New archers learn how to safely handle a bow and arrow while they try a few different “fun” shoots, including shooting at flying foam discs. Follow this link to find a local event.

3. Field to Fork Program
If bowhunting is your ultimate goal with archery, then definitely check to see if a Field to Fork program is happening in your area. The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) ran the first FTF program in Kentucky a few years ago, and they’ve been expanding the program ever since. In one weekend, experienced volunteers will help you go through hunter education, learn deer-hunting tips and tricks, and learn bow or crossbow safety.

4. USA Archery’s Adult Archery Program
If you already have your own equipment, or access to arrows and a well-fitting loaner bow, then USA Archery’s Adult Archery Program is worth a look. The AAP is set up to help adult archers learn how to shoot an archery competition. My club runs one AAP shoot a month; it’s set up like an official archery match (but without the pressure). All of us adult archers show up and shoot through a scoring “round”—three arrows per scoring “end,” and either 10 or 12 ends, depending on whether we’re shooting indoors or outdoors. These competitions are all about having fun and setting goals. USA Archery awards pins based on achieving certain scores, and it’s nice to have those goals to work toward.

5. Phone a Friend
These organized options might not be your cup of tea—and that’s just fine. Ask an archery-oriented friend you trust, or get in touch with your local pro shop to find out if there is someone willing to teach you. In my experience in the shooting sports, you’ll be able to find someone who will not only help, but encourage and inspire you to keep going with archery.

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Friday, December 29th

36 Point Buck

Stan Ehtredge of Philadelphia, Mississippi, took one of the most unusual #deer we’ve ever seen: a rare 36 point b#uck. Ethredge had been watching the deer — originally a modest six-pointer — for over three years when he decided to harvest it. But the opportunity never came. “I never got a shot at him,” Stan told news. “I just got pictures.” Stan continued to monitor the buck. In October, 2016, the deer’s antlers started expressing abnormalities. Stan noticed that the buck’s rack was still covered in velvet, and that it had a big drop tine on one side.

Winter came and went, and the buck never lost its velvet. When all the other bucks started shedding antlers, the six-pointer never did. And its antlers kept getting bigger. By the time 2017 hunting season rolled around, the monster buck’s rack looked like something you’d only find in Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine. While the pictures and excitement for the buck were real, it had managed to stay clear of Stan’s crosshairs for quite a few years. But this hunting season was different. Stan would finally get his once-in-a-lifetime shot on October 20.

“It was about dark and a doe stepped out. She walked toward me and he stepped out. He got about 30 yards from me. I was telling myself to keep my composure. My heart was beating out of my chest.” Stan told the news. With buck fever setting in, Stan calmed his nerves and came away with a clean shot. “He’s eluded me for years, so I didn’t want to let him get away. I shot him as soon as I got the chance. I felt pretty good about the shot. He turned and ran away the way he came. I sat there a while and it was the longest hour of my life.” Fortunately, Stan’s dream buck didn’t travel far. It dropped only 75 yards from his stand.

Stan’s monster buck had an incredible 36 (!) points and a 16-inch spread. It measured in at 227⅜ on the Buckmasters scoring system. And according to William McKinley, deer program coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, the buck’s unique rack was due to a lack of testosterone production. “It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon. It could have been disease. It could have been a number of things. If a deer doesn’t have testosterone the antlers continue to grow. They never harden and they never lose velvet.”

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Thursday, December 28th

Sighting in a compound bow

How to Sight in a #CompoundBow ? #Archery has evolved to become a widely sought after sport, a fun hobby, and a popular way to #hunt down games. Also, people who want to acquire or hone up their skills on target range are increasingly using bows for this purpose. Indeed, you need some practice to be able to hit your target accurately with a compound bow. Your arrow must be pointed in a targeted direction in order to increase your chances of being successful. And, sighting in your compound bow is a great way to boost your chances of not missing the target.

The first step is to mount the sight to your compound bow. To install or mount the sight correctly, it is best to stick to the instructions on the manual. But, generally, majority of the bow sights are secured onto the riser with few screws after attaching it.

The next step after mounting the sight to your bow is to set pin adjustments to the center. This way, you will be able to make adjustment in any direction as you deem fit. The tool you will need for sighting pins adjustment is the Allen wrench.

The usual thing for many bow shooters is to mark every 10 yards, which is 9.1m, from the target. For increased accuracy, consider using range finders if you have access to one. You should endeavor to employ a resilient or long-lasting target that has the capacity to take multiple arrows, bearing in mind that sighting in your compound bow or any other bow is time-consuming and requires tons of repetitions.

Go to the distance closest to the target – the 10 yard is often the mark. Let your body be at right angle to the target as you stand, and use your compound bow to draw one arrow back. Release your arrow at the target as you look down the sight at the pin on top. Take a couple of more arrows and repeat the process.

If you perceive that the 20 yard pin (the top pin) you just finished setting is accurate to an extent, go back to the second pin – that is the 27.4m (30 yard) mark on the range. Use the second pin to aim the sight down, then fire a couple of arrows at your target. Proceed with the exact adjustments that you performed when sighting in the first pin – that is the 20 yards or 18.3m.

While looking at the 40 yard pin, which is the third pin in the sight, release arrows at your target. This time, as you perform adjustments, what you should move is the pin itself and not the entire sight box. You won’t have to move right and left again with the sight box.

At this point, you would need to recheck the 20 yard shot. As soon as you are satisfied with the 30 yard pin and the 40 yard pin sighting, you need to return and fire arrows at the 20 yards all over again. At this point, the adjustment you will make won’t be on the entire sight but to the pin itself.

Remember we said that this guide on how to sight in a compound bow applies to using 3 pin sights, 4 pin sights and any other fixed pin sight. So, at this stage, if you have additional pin, the 4th pin for instance, this will be for your 50 yards – 45.7m; go through the previous steps to sight in your fourth pin after moving back from your target. Make your adjustments by moving the pin.

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Wednesday, December 27th

Field Archery vs Target Archery

At first glance, #targetarchery and #fieldarchery might look the same. Archers in both disciplines draw a bow, take aim, and shoot arrows at a round target marked with circles. What’s the difference? Target and field archery have different rules, scoring systems and settings. If you’re just learning archery, these are two FUN games you can try, and both will offer you different challenges.

For indoor shooting during autumn and winter, archers can try National Field Archery Association (NFAA) rounds at 20 yards. There are two primary “rounds” – or games – shot at NFAA events indoors: the “three spot” target, a multicolored target face with three individual targets; and a “five spot” target, a blue and white target face with five individual targets. If you’re brand new to archery, don’t stress: there are “single spot” versions of both targets available. Archers enjoy indoor archery competitions hosted by the NFAA using several different kinds of bows, including compounds and recurves. The NFAA hosts one of the world’s most famous indoor archery tournaments: “The Vegas Shoot,” which attracts over 2,000 youth and adult archers to Las Vegas each February.

Outdoor field archers shoot on a walking course – sometimes called a “roving course” – that’s usually wooded. Target distances vary from less than 10 yards to 80 yards, and target faces differ based on the round being shot. Archers may shoot field, hunter or animal rounds. In the field round, targets are black and white with a black center; in the hunter division, targets are all black with thin white rings and a white center; and in the animal division, paper targets feature colorful images of animals. If the animal division sounds fun, and you want to take it a step further, try 3-D archery!

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Tuesday, December 26th

Compound vs. Recurve Bow

#Recurve and #compound #bows are similar in some respects because they both have strings and arrows, but the similarities end there. Much like the AR-15 vs AK-47 debate, archers are embroiled in an everlasting debate over whether a compound or recurve bow is better. The fact is that both deliver entirely different pros and cons. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to buy, then here are the major differences between them.

You can immediately tell the difference between a recurve and compound bow by the body shape.A recurve bow is sometimes called a traditional bow because it’s basically the same bow and arrow that used around the world for centuries. There is only the bow body and a single string. While these weapons were traditionally made of wood, most modern versions are made from (or include) carbon or fiberglass to provide greater strength and durability. Compound bows use modern technology and materials. They have several strings and pulleys attached to the limbs, which are typically made of aluminum or carbon. The body is sturdier and much smaller, making them ideal for stalking game through thick terrain.

Power and accuracy
The compound bow is definitely the winner when it comes to power and accuracy. The longer strings allow the archer to pull back farther to generate more power. They also make the bow easier to hold because it doesn’t take as much strength to hold the arrow back, which helps improve stability. Since it doesn’t take as much strength to draw the bow, you can easily hold it while you wait for a clear shot. Recurve bows usually aren’t as powerful and require the same force to hold the draw, which can lead to shakiness and reduced accuracy if you have to wait for a clear shot. Your accuracy should be comparable if you aim and take your shot quickly.

Accessories are available for both types, but more are available for compound bows; most commonly, sights or trigger releases. Sights obviously help you aim, and the trigger release will make it easier to release the bow-string consistently, resulting in greater accuracy. Some recurves have sights, but this is uncommon because recurve archers are usually purists who prefer a most instinctual and skills-based experience.

Compound bows are most commonly used for hunting. Due to their power, accuracy, and ability to fire arrows over a long distances, they are perfect for larger prey like deer or bear. Recurve bows are sometimes used for hunting, but they are better for smaller prey; they can take down larger animals, but shot placement is much more critical. More commonly, they are used in shooting competitions.

Recurve bows are usually cheaper because there are no complex mechanisms. It’s just the body and a string. Compound bows have larger bodies, longer strings and pulleys. You might be able to find a compound bow priced similarly to a recurve bow if you are willing to shop around.

So the short answer is “neither.” Both are great bows; which one is best for you comes down to your personal preference, skill and experience, and budget.

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