Aug 24, 2018

Amateur success story

Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks! At 43, Saar “Storm” Elazar took his daughters to the archery range after not having been since childhood. When he picked up the bow, Storm describes the feeling as everything clicking into place, and he had suddenly had found his calling. He dedicated himself to the sport, practicing every day. He then was able to compete in the Lancaster Archery Classic in 2016, and plans to compete in the next one this coming January. Saar's inspirational story just goes to show that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to through Hard work, determination, and believing in yourself. You can follow his story on Instagram @stormitwinit .

Saar “Storm” Elazar, age 43, is on the path to show others that no matter your age, you can shoot for the stars. Two years ago, Storm visited a local archery range to spend quality time with his daughters, sharing an experience with them that he loved as a child. As soon as he shot his first arrow, Storm felt that childlike glee again and knew archery was his calling.

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