Oct 23, 2016

2016-10-23 Last boom for the day

1lb home made PLUS 1/2lb #SureShot #Zombie #Grenade. Figured I've been hanging on to this Zombie Grenade long enough. Use it to set off some of my own mix. Awesome #boom. How high does that one tire go up?

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We love Sure Shot its by far the best on the market! Great video Eric.
Oh man, I never get sick of watching videos like this!  No need to rake leaves in YOUR yard.
If I keep using the same spot, come spring it'll be ready to plant a garden. The deputy told me when here got here, he was 5 miles away and heard it. WOOHOO. Also told me to call him in advance next time, so he could see it.
So funny.  I've heard that from law enforcement before: they respond to a complaint, and then they laugh and say "Call me next time so I can watch."  I saw one stop a guy once on a complaint and they said, "Just talk to me for a second so it looks like I'm reprimanding you, because the complainer is watching." Are you making your own binary?  How does it compare to Sure Shot or Tannerite?
So far it's as good as tannerite, but not as good as Sure Shot. This 1lb with Zombie Grenade starter was 2 or 3 times louder than the 2lbs home made. I REALLY like the Sure Shot 22 targets. But I couldn't afford to shoot as much of that. And I saw through the Co-op weather service that we're in extreme to exceptional drought status. Got to be extra careful my the range. When I get my mix just right I'll call the deputy and he can get his AR out and try one. Talk about earning brownie points.