Aug 16, 2018



Gun Rodeo is disappointed and troubled by Shopify's decision to limit the constitutional rights of gun sellers on their platform. Their decision to shut down the websites of legal gun sellers violates the First Amendment rights of their customers, and weakens the First and Second Amendment rights of all Americans. Unfortunately, this action is something we have been warning about for some time: American tech companies do not publicly state their hidden anti-gun policies. Until one day a user awakens to find their entire store, and their entire livelihood, is gone.

Gun Rodeo stands ready to help protect the rights of gun sellers and gun buyers in this increasingly anti-gun era. Our new #DumpShopifyprogram is offering immediate relief to all those gun sellers whose stores were recently shut down by Shopify.

The #DumpShopify program provides a free year of e-commerce website hosting from the only e-commerce platform built 100% for the gun industry, to all Shopify customers who had their stores shut down for violation of the new gun ban. And in an effort to raise awareness of the tech industry's hidden anti-gun policies, #DumpShopify provides 50% off a full year of website hosting to any and all gun-related customers. Join Gun Rodeo now...

We believe we are seeing a steady and dangerous erosion of constitutional gun rights in America. However, we truly believe much of this can be curtailed with education. We must learn, as a group, that the tech industry in America is not gun friendly. And we must work hard to educate our members that they MUST insure a company is pro-gun before they utilize its services.

We know you join us in wishing the best for those financially impacted by Shopify's terrible decision.
Very Best,

Gun Rodeo: The first 100% pro-gun website platform.

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I agree 100% !!!  It's terrible what Shopify did.  All those people who just had their businesses closed while they were asleep. And woke up to a potential financial nightmare. Terrible!  Not to mention a clear violation of constitutional rights...