Jan 28, 2019

SHOT Show Rifle Caddy

The art of #hunting isn't about the 'kill' it's about the process. From scouting locations, to setting trail cams, the long trek through thick forestry land with rifle or bow in hand, until at last the final drop.

As hunters we know strategies that work from experience, which also applies to the gear we come to rely on during the season. Being prepared is crucial to a successful hunt and gear can either make or break you.

One aspect that I hadn't quit mastered was finding a solution that allowed easy accessibility to my rifle while securing it in my vehicle on the move. Forget the conventional cab mounting brackets or cheap seat slings. If I was traveling along and spotted movement on the ridge it required me to exit the vehicle, go around to the cab, open the cab door and hope the noise hadn't already spooked the animal before I got it in my sights.

Until at last #SHOTShow 2019 brought me #RifleCaddy. A durable plastic mount that straps onto your vehicles center counsel. Each Caddy comes equipped with two rifle ports and two center storage compartments. Another key selling point wasn't just the extra storage for my binoculars or magazines, but the ease of accessibility. This completely eliminates an extra step that stands between you and the prize bull.

The Rifle Caddy comes in Black, Desert Tan/Military Green and Camo. Not to mention the affordable price starting at $39.95 - $54.99 all of which include wood stock protectors.

Rifle Caddy is designed to simply strap on to a centre console of any vehicle as gun and bow holder. Tested to fit the following vehicles, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, and Suzuki. Dimensions are 13 inches long, 10 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

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