New LAR-9 Pistols with SB Tactical Braces

Feb 08, 2019

Rock River Arms, has expanded their LAR-9 line of 9mm-chambered semi-auto pistols. They are similar to the original LAR-9 pistols but come with new handguards and are fitted with SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Braces.They are available with either a 7-inch or 10.5-inch barrel; deliver greater muzzle control; platform stability and accuracy; a rubber Hogue grip; a single-stage trigger assembly; includes one Colt SMG-style magazine; an integral 9mm compatible magazine; a 9mm-specific trigger spring group and ejector; and are offered in Two barrel configurations: a 7-inch chrome moly and a 10.5-inch chrome-lined chrome moly version.

Rock River Arms, the leader in specialized Modern Sporting Rifles and purpose-built tactical firearms expands their LAR-9 line of 9mm-chambered semi-auto pistols.

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