Aug 14, 2020

God Guns Guacamole

(and other Pandemic Party Pastime basics)

Humbly presented by Col Mike Howard US Marines (Ret)

Yes, we are living in fascinating, perplexing times. No one can say that #2020 has been boring. Those of us who are God fearing patriots know that the Lord is on His throne in heaven and is as sovereign and powerful as ever, for God is immutable. But we are not. We toss and turn at times in fear. Our challenge as believers is that we struggle not with the Bible and God’s eternal plan proclaimed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we struggle with His predictability. His timing and ways are not ours. We accept the Moral Authority of existence and feel sorry for those non-believers who want to place themselves on the thrown of heaven and bask in their own narcissistic Moral Relativism. As my Mom used to say, the tragedy of an atheist or agnostic who makes up his own rules in life is that they have no prayer. God wants prayer to be an invitation and a reminder of a relationship He seeks with us.

What the instability of current events has taught us is reminiscent of the old Girl Scouts motto: “Be prepared.” I like to remind trusted guests and first time visitors to our ranges of some of my favorite Col Jeff Cooper sayings: “A gun in the hand beats a cop on the phone.” And that “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” This has become even more relevant when the unhappy and angry Lefties defend Socialism, Communism, and even Marxist Anarchists with their tired anti-Western Civilization mantra of “Defund the Police” or at least “Reimagine the Police.” This is even more of a reminder that we, the average citizen, home-owner, private property renter, etc. ARE the FIRST RESPONDER, not the police, or leftist social worker who comes to clean up.

During this pandemic period, I have had a host of folks want to practice their home defense weapon’s skills. They are either #2ndAmendment long time experienced shooters, honest people with moderate skills or less hones skills wanting to “brush up”, or folks who are brand new to all of this who have quickly gone out and purchased several weapons, boxes of ammo, and then asked for guidance and instruction.

It is this last category that concerns me the most. I brief them about the three types of people out there in the world: The Sheep, The Wolves, and The Sheepdogs. This first time gun owner category is a tough one, particularly in a pandemic, as they have never thought these categories through and have tended to “re-act” vs. “act”. Example … the educated man who buys his wife an “available” double action .38 revolver (pink grips) and a box of ammo to go with it. They arrive at the range, and she is unable to fire it with her index finger not being strong enough to work the very stiff action. He shows up with his also “it was available” in-expensive .380 semi-auto small pistol with an equally stiff slide-release and a box of 9mm that is incompatible with his new pistol. When I try to tactfully ask simple questions about these two purchases gone wrong (and in Oregon all sales are final), he tells me that “this is what my friend has and recommended).

It took me back to my early days on our ranch. To the days of the basics. My Grandpa and Dad teaching me that a gun was simply a tool. A revolver is a friend to all. It is simple. It is reliable. I like the exposed hammer because it makes the weapon easy and friendly to operate, particularly for a woman. She can use both hands and both thumbs on that hammer getting it into the single action mode, not forcing the double action. As I remind folks, the older I get (arthritis) the more I appreciate that simple revolver. Col Cooper once demonstrated to us Marines out on his Gunsite ranges that despite our familiarity with his beloved .45 1911s, experienced older friends of his, revolver men, could more quickly and more accurately outshoot us! It was humbling. And now I was again reminded of his wisdom in recommending that a woman should learn to shoot from a man she is NOT related to!

So we had a good chat on the range. I reminded this nice couple that I sometimes feel that I am also called to be a “marriage counselor” on the range when equipment and relationships can head south. People are precious, but guns and ammo can be fixed or replaced much easier. Revolvers, semi-autos, shotguns, carbines and rifles all have their learning curves and training challenges. What we don’t know we don’t know. And this is why we call it practice. I remind them of what our Pastor also reminds me of: ‘God give me the power to live in reconciliation. I am to love God and love others. We are all different and ignorant and smart in different ways. We are all learning in life.

Heading up from the range we gathered with our other family and friends in fellowship around a poolside patio, enjoying Mexican food and BBQ, chips and dip, and fresh drinks. We had a mix of folks that all loved to shoot, and they shared their ups and downs and likes and dislikes. It was a sweet time of “shooting fellowship” were ideas and fears were handled in a positive way.

This pandemic will pass. There is a reason for it and we are hopefully learning more about ourselves and what is important. Yes, God is in His heaven and He has blessed us with Family, Friends, Faith, Flag and Freedom. So pick the gun you want to defend yourself and your loved ones with wisely. Don’t be afraid to study and ask questions. And to make and correct mistakes.

And enjoy the guacamole!

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