Sep 15, 2020

Bleeding Silhouette Targets by Triumph Systems

Created for instant training feedback and overall fun at the range. Triumph Systems interactive #targets , when hit have red or blue gel indicating each organ. The gel is made of environmentally safe properties, water soluble and non-staining, making it ideal for close quarter training. Triumph System Threat Down targets are made to withstand 100+ rounds and developed for most calibers, so consider using your .50 BMG rifle as your last round of the day! In addition, the top left and right corners have grid targets for added training time.

Triumph Systems is a St. Louis, MO based target and training manufacturer. Founded in 2015 by former Navy SEAL Jared Ogden, Triumph Systems is redefining cognitive & discretionary training with our versatile Pivotal Trainer amongst law enforcement agencies nationwide, academies, federal agencies, international agencies, CCW holders, and defenders of our country. Our products are designed in the US and fulfilled right here in the heartland of America. >

Triumph Systems

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