Apr 09, 2016

Old Navy Jeep Ambulance.

Look at this cool old Jeep Navy Jeep Ambulance. It is a Jeep brand Forward Control FC-170. Introduced in 1957, FC-170 models had a 103 in (260 cm) wheelbase with a 108 in (270 cm) bed. This was achieved by the forward-control layout. A 1958 concept version of the FC-170 featured a 108 in (270 cm) wheelbase. This was required to accommodate a new 272 ci V8 engine (based on the Ford Y-block) with a new transfer case. A new 3-speed automatic transmission (based on the Ford Cruise-O-Matic) was only available with the inline-6 due to possible driveshaft angle issues. A T-98 4-speed manual was available with both engines. This model had a gross weight of 7,000 lb

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