Oct 13, 2016

rough rider

heritage mfg rough rider 45 long colt

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Bahh-boom-bah!  That is gorgeous!
Makes me want to ride a horse go gun sling n' out in the ole west! Very cool gun, do you have any videos shooting it?
not yet i just got it in august, i won this revolver from galleryofguns.com i have only put maybe half a box of rounds through it but it dose shoot nicely the owners manual said its designed to shoot low but ive hit everything ive aimed at with it so its not noticeable i will try to get some videos shooting it when i get some more ammo and time off, a coworker that i help on his ranch on our days off is going to help me tool out and make a leather gun belt and holster for this revolver all in all its a nice weapon i like it and the fact that i won it makes it sooo much better lol