Oct 15, 2016


pistols and lower rifle previously shown in another picture, the upper rifle is a 556/223, has an omni hybrid polymer lower, and is rather light , i have switched the iron sights on to the 22 and put the utg red/green dot optic on the 223 rifle , and the knives are gerber smaller one is the prodigy,larger LMF 2 infantry

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That upper 556 looks super svelte and light.  It almost looks like the TNW Survival rifle.
i will have to look but i think the upper is aluminum, the whole thing is rater light weight,  i had several people that were in the military say they wished their standard issue weapons were as light as my rifle and one even asked me if it was even a real rifle the only thing i might change on it is maybe get a small scope for it i have a utg red and green dot sight no magnification on it and its decent out to about 100 yards fairly accurate