Oct 17, 2016

2016-10-17-1 1/2 lb cheap binary

1 1/2 pound of home made binary packed tight and wrapped in shrink wrap. Apparently it can be too tightly packed. Did 1 1/2 lb 2 days ago in a zip lock bag unzipped, and it was twice as loud.

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You have an awesome shooting range! Do you have any Salute Steel Targets out there?
No ma'am. Only store bought targets I have are the paper ones used for sighting.
Another great explosion!  I'm dying for someone to blow up a 5 or 10 pounder, all in one go.
Give me time. If it ever decides to rain around here so all the woods around the range are soaked good, then I'll up the poundage. I just don't want to start a forest fire. And don't ya know the neighbors will just love it. ;p
A very, very good idea...


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