Williams Precision Trigger

Williams Precision Trigger

Dewey, AZ

Functional Prototype, William²s Precision Trigger at a discounted price
Everything you need to make your AR more fun.
With the safety in traditional fire position our trigger works exactly as a standard
trigger. Pull the trigger back, one shot, reset... repeat. When you rotate the safety an
additional 45 degrees you gain access to the ability to pull the trigger forwards. Now
the trigger can go in either direction and must go back to the reset in the middle
before being able to fire again. The trigger does not need to be pulled rearward
before being able to go forward or the other way around. Just like a standard trigger
it must simply reset before being pulled/pushed again.
Watch it in use here

Rearward trigger pull weight approx: 4 lbs
Forward trigger pull weight approx: 2 lbs

This is a working trigger that may not be the final production form, help us test it, give us feedback for improvement, we want to bring the best product possible to you and need help making it better.
Your product may vary slightly from the image as we are finding the best design and manufacturing
process. It will function as described.

Warning: may mar the finish inside side of your receiver.

SHIPPING: We will have the parts shipped before Christmas, some components are still being manufactured, the first complete kits should be getting mailed at the beginning of December if not sooner.

Posted Monday, Nov 14 2022
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Dewey, AZ

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