Aug 13, 2018

say what?????

so as a gunsmith and firearm instructor I get a lot of stuff from people who want me to tell people to buy there stuff. here is the deal about that, I have to believe in something for me to do that. one thing I have noticed from some of the videos and from people at the range that pisses me off more then anything is when instructors makes fun of someone for not having there weapon of choose. I will say it " I hate glock " but I will not make fun of anyone who uses one. see I feel any firearm is better then no firearms. just so everyone one who is wondering I prefer my walther ppx . I love it . my wife loves it two. if I am asked what I would recommend I always say it is personal choice. then I will say what I use and why. for example I love Otis cleaning stuff. I have been using it for over 20 years and it never failed me ,even in the big litter box over seas. I don't get any free stuff by any company ( well I did get a free k rounds hat I won here) not that I wouldn't mind free stuff but I have to use what ever it is and really believe in it. back in my band days that's how it was to.(I played bass and had a few companies giving me free stuff. still love blue steel strings) so if you are teaching please be respectful and don't make fun of someone that has something different then you, it's a good way to lose business and just so unprofessional .

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