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Hi. I'm wardogfirearms. i'm an Army vet and a gunsmith and master firearms instructor.
Thursday, October 24th

wardog defense page

hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know to check out the wardog defense page at ( I hate to say it) face book. I try to post info on protecting your self and your family at lease once a week. please like it and follow , it's free. thank you

Friday, August 16th

the wardog defense logo

I had to post the new logo for wardog defense. I wanted to launch it here first. it will be up at the web site soon and as much as I hate it I will be doing a face book page were I will have it. I was told do face book and watch business take off. we'll see.

Wednesday, August 14th

thanks to k rounds/ gun rodeo

I just wanted to say thank you to gun rodeo and k rounds for the nice pistol case. i will be taking with me the next time i goto the range and show it off.

Friday, August 9th

back ground checks

I can't take this any more. would someone please tell the I d 10 tangos in the swamp that we already do back ground checks for firearms. i'm not sure how every time there is a shooting that all we here is back ground checks need to be done. we already do this. I know I just bought a new rifle in the last few months and I had to do paper work and get ok from who ever just like every other firearm I have bought. also can someone tell me what an assault rifle is . I looked at the aft website and they have that info. I mean if truth be known assault weapon can be anything that is used as weapon in an assault. I know this because I teach home defense. and for those who say any weapon that looks like a military weapon because they are made to kill , well so are arrows. the funniest thing I have heard is that m16 are fully auto and that's why we can't own ar's . no the m16 is not fully auto it has a 3 round burst unlike the saw I used in Iraq . do I feel a person should have a 100 round mag drum? I don't need one but in the world of pray and spray and the fact that there are those out there who don't want to learn to shoot they need them. our fore fathers state that we should have firearms as a right so we can protect ourselves from a government that gets to powerful. too many people have relied on the government to take care of them because they can't take care of themselves and now we have become a people of give me , give me . that is what our fore fathers were afraid of. so as earl pitts would say WAKE UP AMERICA.

Thursday, August 1st


well everyone it is here. after a few months of getting everything together I am officially opening wardog defense. it has been a long time coming but I am now my own boss. this all started a few years backs and I have been taking class after class and a few months ago I got by llc and it all leads to today the launch of wardog defense. check out the wed site at wardogdefense.com . feel free to leave a massage and if you are in the Cleveland area and want a class let me know , classes are like my sisters CHEAP. well have a good

Thursday, July 4th

happy birthday america

short and sweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA and many more.

Friday, June 21st

remeber when

so this morning at about 4 am as I was getting my youngest back to sleep I started thing about how things have changed. I was born in the early 70's and would have to say the best part about the 70's was when someone put a bullet in the head of disco. any way growing up in the 80's was a great time the music was fun and people got along for the most part. blacks and whites for the most part were friends. when growing up we lived in the burbs and I remember leaving doors and windows open at night. everyone watched out for each other. movies where great and fun. as a kid ,like every other one I else I would stay out all day in the summer and no one had to worry. we thought nothing could harm us. that all changed and I wonder when . so I looked at what happened . in the 90's it started . the music turned from fun to life sucks. maybe it was the drugs they used. going from coc to weed ? no that can't be it. we went from being friends with police to hating then. over the years our political reps went from doing what was good for the country to what is good for the bank account. back to the 90's because that is when things seem to start to change for the bad. see all the sad kids from the 90's are now trying to make us do what they want. sad kids grow up to be sad adults. so what caused that big of a change? now we have huge problems with heavy drugs and people fighting just because others don't have the same views. I have heard that it's because of the lack of god or because lack of morals. I don't know what happened but it needs to change back to when we got along. what do you all think?

Thursday, June 13th

happy b-day ARMY

June 14 is not just flag day but the Army's 244th b-day. I am a proud Army vet and just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMY. Looking good and still kick ass .

Thursday, June 13th

mass shootings?????

so just a little bite ago I saw a thing that said there has been hundreds of mass shootings since 2012. funny how they only talked about school shootings. the funny thing is that what is called a mass shooting in the story is anything that had an ar used. just a few weeks ago there was a shooting that the man used a pistol and very little coverage of. wonder why? I saw on aon that it was because it did not fall in to the libs view. how sad . I wish people would wake up and see that. long live the 2a.

Wednesday, May 15th

on my own

First thing I want to say is sorry it's been some time since I've written . Things have been crazy. Next thing how about this cool pict I found. it speaks for it self. well I am going to go on my own and teach firearm training. I will still be doing gunsmithing along with this. I will keep everyone updated as things go . I would like to get some feed back about what people would like to learn. I will not be teaching ccw because there is so many people teaching that in my area. I send people to my friends at rivers edge tactical. they do a great job. well take care until next time and keep shooting. joe

Friday, January 4th

what goes up must come down

Ok so let's start the year off with a BANG. I hate how people do not understand how things that go up must come down, or as my wife say that pesky gravity thing when I told her this. Ok to tell the story right I have to go back a few years with this. So as I have said in the past my main job is at a dairy. Well we had I guy that before he past away working there who I bought a shotgun from. long story short ( I cut out all the racial crap) the shotgun was broken but hey for $50 and knowing I could fix it I got . when asked about how it broke(needed a new hammer) he said on new years eve he went to shoot up in the air but it didn't work. Yes I said that's Gods way of saying you don't need any firearm. Now flash forward to this new years eve when I had a driver ask me if we are aloud to shoot are firearms in the air. NOT JOKING , what freaked me out is this guy has a ccw. I explained no we're civilized in my area. Then I explained the whole up down thing and how bullets have been known to travel up to 35 miles. He thought hand gun rounds only go under a 100 yards. This is why I hate people who don't want to listen to facts and think they know it all. Well the funny part can yesterday when another driver told me how he found a 45 round in his trailer weds. and could find the hole.( I know guys that's what she said) Well he found the hole yesterday in the roof of the trailer. Love new years. The crazy thing is that in Iraq they would do shoot in the air holidays and weddings. Here is to the hoping to a year free of I d ten tangos.

Friday, December 28th

end of the year and more bs for the

so we end this years with another pissing contest with the two sides of the government. here at wardog we had good news as my wife gave birth to daughter number two who was born at the end of oct. as things are crazy in our home I have noticed that the government is acting even crazier. did anyone here how new York wants to use what people post on line against you to own a firearm . good to see that libs can just say f.u. to freedom of speech. funny because as they try doing that here in ohio as of 2 nov. 2018 if you are a vet you can now get your ccw for free with out any class . that is good news. last thing I want to talk about to end the year is that , as you can tell by the pict. I picked is that there are a lot of vets out there that have been hurt and are hurting . that is why I would like to ask everyone to help out . please go to save22.vet or fisherhouse.org these are two great groups helping our vets. thank you . hope ya'll have a great and safe new year, see you in 2019.

Saturday, October 6th

new civil war ?

so I have been asked if I think there is going to be a new civil war and how can we fight off the military with all there weapons. well here is what I think and how I feel. first of all the military is set up so that they will not just go after everyone like some people think. now here is something everyone has to think about. if the war is libs vs. the true Americans who love the country and know we are a great country , who will fight for the libs? remember they don't like firearms so how will they fight? with name calling? if that is the case then I just have to say remember the old kids saying" sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." or "bullets hurt like hell , unlike names ." I know I can't see a snow flak crawling out of mommy and daddies basement and fighting. I have also been asked what will we do about ammo? well first of as I told the one guy , I belive in one shot one kill not spray and pray. also there is a thing call load your own. can a civil war happen ? sure it can , but like I stated who will fight for the libs? also in most wars money becomes worthless so even if the libs find someone willing to die for money how long before they say no cash f u . think about it. now remember to vote next month and help keep AMERICA great. and congrats to b.k.

Thursday, September 13th

the mistakes we all make

I was watching a video today that was sent to me, it had an 11 year old field striping an ar and puts it back together in under a minute. That is real good and she should be proud I saw guys in the Army that had a hard time doing that. Then again I saw one guy who thought he was a snipper and yet couldn't hit a target at 25 meters. Any way ,at the end of the video this girl put her finger on the trigger and then after she put it down she walked in front of it and the company who sent it had there 2 cents about that, but let's face it we all have done something like that. Myself , I have handed over a pistol with out locking the slide back to show it's empty . I have seen people walk in front of weapons many of times after firing them. We all have seen the videos out there and said I wouldn't do that. We all make mistakes when we are in a hurry or just plain tired. The thing is , we know better and we should slow down and be good role models . The funny thing is that when I saw the video I thought of my daughter and how she likes to help clean firearms and I have told her not to do something and then I have done what I told her not to do. The best part is when she calls me out about it. So with that said I think maybe it's time for all of us to take a few minutes and think about how we have made stupid mistakes and have just got lucky we never got hurt. Maybe we should also say something to others if we see them do something wrong , just remember to be nice about and let them know you just don't want to do the paper work if someone gets hurt. Now go out and have some fun.

Monday, September 10th

mass shooting bs

Thank you Liz Wheeler again. I'm watching the Turning Point right now and Liz just had a story about how the lib lie about how the U.S. has the most mass shootings has now been proven wrong . Wait there's more unlike the report the left uses to promote there lies this study has all there info released and it shows that less then 3% of the mass shooting in the world. On top of that it brings out how the left uses stuff that is not even a shooting as a mass shooting, like a kid shooting a bb gun at a bus. This makes me feel better about things I have been saying that two people in a gang shooting is not a mass shooting. Maybe with my back ground I view things different then others but , to me a mass shooting is not a terror attack , is not one or two people but 15 or more is a mass shooting to me. If this rubs you the wrong way well then go to Iraq or another country like that where people are being slaughtered just for there views . Thank You again Liz.

Friday, September 7th

2nd A

The other night I was watch the Tipping Point hosted my Liz Wheeler. For those who don't know about this show it's on ONE ANERICAN NEWS . The reason I bring this up is because Liz brought about who libs talk about abortion is a way for women to protect there body, then is not the same about a woman's right to carry a gun to protect herself. Liz brings up a great point and I hope women will use this to help fight for the right the bear arms. I am big on getting more women off there learning about firearms. I know a few women who enjoy going to the range, my wife is one. I have to add this one point , she is a great shot. I am bugged by what I call the B.S. lie about women needing to special training . No they do not. In my time in the Army I saw many women learn to shoot and they learned the same as the way the guys. My wife learned the same way I did . I didn't teach her because I didn't want her to think I was doing things just because. I had a good friend of mine who is an Army vet and it was part of what he did. Any way guys if your wives or girlfriends not shoot get them to and have someone else teach them it will work better. Last I just want to thanks Liz Wheeler for giving me a great topic to write about, thank you Liz .

Wednesday, August 22nd

new range ( rivers edge tact.)

today I want to a new range by me. so anyone in the Cleveland ,medina area you need to check out rivers edge tactical. I met the owner a few years back when he had this little shop. he just opened up this new shop and range. it's not the longest range only 75 feet. but I know if I want I can take my 30-06 in there. that's right 45-70, 30-06, well you get the point. it's clean and lit up with led lighting . the coolest part is the key pad to work your lane. you type in the distance and it goes to that point. also it has warning so you know when an hour is almost up. they also have a gunsmith on hand at all times and that is not something I have ever seen. they even have a class room and the best is there mascot . she is a cute little pup. so if you want to check it out they are at 303 and 252, it looks like a barn. and tell them joe sent you.

Tuesday, August 14th

gun control

I just read a story about how gun control works and there is science to back it up. I know I had a good laugh too. i'm here to tell you gun control works. if you listen to the left and believe them, well i'm sorry for you because you are a target. now as all of us know that gun control is very important . it helps us get on target faster and keep us on target. we know that two hands , breathing , and eye focus all help. but what is the most important thing in our gun control that a lot of people forget ? training . we have to keep our minds sharp and the best way is to train. here is a thing I have come up with that helps. it can be done with dry fire training or with laser tag stuff or as I like a bb gun. first make sure no live ammo is used. I have targets set up around the house . it fun when you have someone move them around on you. it's away to keep up alertness . all I do is when I come across them I draw , aim , and fire. see why you never use live rounds? I have been told it helps. I know it helps me so that's why I tell people about it. now get out there and have fun.

Monday, August 13th

say what?????

so as a gunsmith and firearm instructor I get a lot of stuff from people who want me to tell people to buy there stuff. here is the deal about that, I have to believe in something for me to do that. one thing I have noticed from some of the videos and from people at the range that pisses me off more then anything is when instructors makes fun of someone for not having there weapon of choose. I will say it " I hate glock " but I will not make fun of anyone who uses one. see I feel any firearm is better then no firearms. just so everyone one who is wondering I prefer my walther ppx . I love it . my wife loves it two. if I am asked what I would recommend I always say it is personal choice. then I will say what I use and why. for example I love Otis cleaning stuff. I have been using it for over 20 years and it never failed me ,even in the big litter box over seas. I don't get any free stuff by any company ( well I did get a free k rounds hat I won here) not that I wouldn't mind free stuff but I have to use what ever it is and really believe in it. back in my band days that's how it was to.(I played bass and had a few companies giving me free stuff. still love blue steel strings) so if you are teaching please be respectful and don't make fun of someone that has something different then you, it's a good way to lose business and just so unprofessional .

# 5

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Sunday, July 1st

top 5 most dangerous firearms

So every week or so some id ten tango puts out a list saying oh these guns are bad. Oh no . The funny thing is that done are the same and you can tell the writer has no clue. So I thought as a gunsmith and firearm instructor I know a little about firearms. Here is my list. At #5 any broken firearm, #4 any firearm that has arms and legs and a mind of it's own, #3 any firearm that is stolen #2 any firearm that is pointed at me, And at #1 same as #2. If anyone fells that I missed one please let know so we can add it. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 12th


P.T.S.D. is a big deal to me , for you see I have it. Like most Vets. that combat you get a little messed up in the head. For me it start back in 2004 during the days leading up to Easter. We got hit and what makes it bad for me is that I saw a guy kill a woman who was running for cover then step on her baby's head just to get to us. Yes I took him out. Now with that said let's fast forward to be told by the V.A. that I couldn't do rehab even those I meet the more then 20 percent because as the woman in charge of my case said , "There are no gunsmithing jobs out there and once Hilary wins it won't matter." Funny thing is they sent a woman for modeling school. It's all good I take classes from AGI when I can and I belong there gun club of America , great stuff and worth the money. Now let's get to why I'm writing this. I have many Army friends and a lot of them have ptsd . One of my best friends was on the razors edge. Long story short suicidal thought and talking with me he is now be helped . It's hard to get help because you think it makes you weak , I know it was hard for me. There is a new guy at work who is a vet who going threw all this too. We talk all the time and he asked me the other night about how long did it take to get off the meds? I never took meds. He was shocked by that. The thing is that v.a. feeds you meds if you want them. I don't like that because talking to people that are on the meds they all seem to tell me the same thing. They work a little but put bad thoughts in there heads and that is why 22 vets kill themselves each day. I try to help as many vets as I can dealing with ptsd . As a whole we all need to work on helping these heros . I'm asking everyone who reads this and knows a vet who is dealing with the demons of war to please help them get the help they need. The v.a. does have a great program to help with ptsd . Let them know you care . thank you , joe

Thursday, May 31st

b.s. gun control

I have been reading the laws that the A.T.F. has on the books dealing with firearm laws. What I don't understand is that all the left is crying about how we need more laws. How can the people who make the laws not have a clue about the laws already in place. All the back ground check they want are on the books, so why is it that they are crying about back ground checks? I can't be the only one asking this , or am I ?

Monday, May 21st

b.s. gun control

I have been reading the laws that the A.T.F. has on the books dealing with firearm laws. What I don't understand is that all the left is crying about how we need more laws. How can the people who make the laws not have a clue about the laws already in place. All the back ground check they want are on the books, so why is it that they are crying about back ground checks? I can't be the only one asking this , or am I ?