Aug 22, 2018

new range ( rivers edge tact.)

today I want to a new range by me. so anyone in the Cleveland ,medina area you need to check out rivers edge tactical. I met the owner a few years back when he had this little shop. he just opened up this new shop and range. it's not the longest range only 75 feet. but I know if I want I can take my 30-06 in there. that's right 45-70, 30-06, well you get the point. it's clean and lit up with led lighting . the coolest part is the key pad to work your lane. you type in the distance and it goes to that point. also it has warning so you know when an hour is almost up. they also have a gunsmith on hand at all times and that is not something I have ever seen. they even have a class room and the best is there mascot . she is a cute little pup. so if you want to check it out they are at 303 and 252, it looks like a barn. and tell them joe sent you.

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