Sep 07, 2018

2nd A

The other night I was watch the Tipping Point hosted my Liz Wheeler. For those who don't know about this show it's on ONE ANERICAN NEWS . The reason I bring this up is because Liz brought about who libs talk about abortion is a way for women to protect there body, then is not the same about a woman's right to carry a gun to protect herself. Liz brings up a great point and I hope women will use this to help fight for the right the bear arms. I am big on getting more women off there learning about firearms. I know a few women who enjoy going to the range, my wife is one. I have to add this one point , she is a great shot. I am bugged by what I call the B.S. lie about women needing to special training . No they do not. In my time in the Army I saw many women learn to shoot and they learned the same as the way the guys. My wife learned the same way I did . I didn't teach her because I didn't want her to think I was doing things just because. I had a good friend of mine who is an Army vet and it was part of what he did. Any way guys if your wives or girlfriends not shoot get them to and have someone else teach them it will work better. Last I just want to thanks Liz Wheeler for giving me a great topic to write about, thank you Liz .

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