Sep 10, 2018

mass shooting bs

Thank you Liz Wheeler again. I'm watching the Turning Point right now and Liz just had a story about how the lib lie about how the U.S. has the most mass shootings has now been proven wrong . Wait there's more unlike the report the left uses to promote there lies this study has all there info released and it shows that less then 3% of the mass shooting in the world. On top of that it brings out how the left uses stuff that is not even a shooting as a mass shooting, like a kid shooting a bb gun at a bus. This makes me feel better about things I have been saying that two people in a gang shooting is not a mass shooting. Maybe with my back ground I view things different then others but , to me a mass shooting is not a terror attack , is not one or two people but 15 or more is a mass shooting to me. If this rubs you the wrong way well then go to Iraq or another country like that where people are being slaughtered just for there views . Thank You again Liz.

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