Sep 13, 2018

the mistakes we all make

I was watching a video today that was sent to me, it had an 11 year old field striping an ar and puts it back together in under a minute. That is real good and she should be proud I saw guys in the Army that had a hard time doing that. Then again I saw one guy who thought he was a snipper and yet couldn't hit a target at 25 meters. Any way ,at the end of the video this girl put her finger on the trigger and then after she put it down she walked in front of it and the company who sent it had there 2 cents about that, but let's face it we all have done something like that. Myself , I have handed over a pistol with out locking the slide back to show it's empty . I have seen people walk in front of weapons many of times after firing them. We all have seen the videos out there and said I wouldn't do that. We all make mistakes when we are in a hurry or just plain tired. The thing is , we know better and we should slow down and be good role models . The funny thing is that when I saw the video I thought of my daughter and how she likes to help clean firearms and I have told her not to do something and then I have done what I told her not to do. The best part is when she calls me out about it. So with that said I think maybe it's time for all of us to take a few minutes and think about how we have made stupid mistakes and have just got lucky we never got hurt. Maybe we should also say something to others if we see them do something wrong , just remember to be nice about and let them know you just don't want to do the paper work if someone gets hurt. Now go out and have some fun.

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