Dec 28, 2018

end of the year and more bs for the next

so we end this years with another pissing contest with the two sides of the government. here at wardog we had good news as my wife gave birth to daughter number two who was born at the end of oct. as things are crazy in our home I have noticed that the government is acting even crazier. did anyone here how new York wants to use what people post on line against you to own a firearm . good to see that libs can just say f.u. to freedom of speech. funny because as they try doing that here in ohio as of 2 nov. 2018 if you are a vet you can now get your ccw for free with out any class . that is good news. last thing I want to talk about to end the year is that , as you can tell by the pict. I picked is that there are a lot of vets out there that have been hurt and are hurting . that is why I would like to ask everyone to help out . please go to or these are two great groups helping our vets. thank you . hope ya'll have a great and safe new year, see you in 2019.

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Totally agree!  Everyone should take a minute to donate for our vets.  Awesome pic, by the way!
thank you . the pict. was found on line and sent to me and I thought it said a lot.