Aug 09, 2019

back ground checks

I can't take this any more. would someone please tell the I d 10 tangos in the swamp that we already do back ground checks for firearms. i'm not sure how every time there is a shooting that all we here is back ground checks need to be done. we already do this. I know I just bought a new rifle in the last few months and I had to do paper work and get ok from who ever just like every other firearm I have bought. also can someone tell me what an assault rifle is . I looked at the aft website and they have that info. I mean if truth be known assault weapon can be anything that is used as weapon in an assault. I know this because I teach home defense. and for those who say any weapon that looks like a military weapon because they are made to kill , well so are arrows. the funniest thing I have heard is that m16 are fully auto and that's why we can't own ar's . no the m16 is not fully auto it has a 3 round burst unlike the saw I used in Iraq . do I feel a person should have a 100 round mag drum? I don't need one but in the world of pray and spray and the fact that there are those out there who don't want to learn to shoot they need them. our fore fathers state that we should have firearms as a right so we can protect ourselves from a government that gets to powerful. too many people have relied on the government to take care of them because they can't take care of themselves and now we have become a people of give me , give me . that is what our fore fathers were afraid of. so as earl pitts would say WAKE UP AMERICA.

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I think the comments regarding background checks are lacking the word "universal".  What is wanted is "universal" background checks.  Like you say, we have all undergone background checks for gun purchases.  Because we're responsible.  But there are some places where a background check is not required.  And some of those places have been responsible for illegal gun sales, many of which are used in crimes.  For example, the "Iron Pipeline" on the east coast that supplies guns for crimes in NYC.


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