Apr 10, 2016

Zore Introduces a New Kind of Safety

#GunSafety #news: Zore Inc. has introduced a new kind of gun lock: one that's loaded with technology, but still operates mechanically. Key Features:

  • Accelerometer for movement notifications
  • Mechanical functioning
  • Side mountedr
  • Expands inside the chamber
  • Dial lock with audible clicks
  • After unlocking, simply chamber a round to eject the lock
“Unlike smart guns which are trying to save lives by defecting guns — we left the guns as they are — untouched (and perfectly working). Our lock just makes sure that gun owners are aware of their guns even when they are not on them,” said Yachdav Gilbar, a developer on Zore’s team, in an email to Guns.com.
Read more at Guns.com

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That is cool. How much are they?
Zore began the campaign using a Kickstarter fund.  As of now, they're just coming out of the incubator phase and are introducing their product to the marketplace.  Thus, pricing numbers have fluctuated.  I suspect we'll see more consistent pricing in the coming few weeks.  The most interesting bit of their tech is the way the lock ejects itself from the weapon after unlocking.  Simply dial in the unlock code and pull the slide.  The lock eject in the same way a spent casing would: by flying off the side.