Oct 15, 2016


8mm mauser k98

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I love the natural wood stock on that bolt action Mauser. How does it shoot?
it shoots rather well, it was passed to me by my father and to him from his father or grandfather i cant remember which, the wood stock is not the original and the rifle has been lightened and shortened, and the sights changed, from what i was told  the rifle came from one of the wars and was turned into a saddle rifle/ coyote gun for when they were working cattle, oddly this rifle dose not recoil any harder thana 30-06 or a 308 and about half the recoil of a mosin nagant, im thinking about putting the hand made wood stock in a safe place and getting a polymer stock system but im torn if i go with the ati scout stock i will not have to drill and tap the receiver for a scope mount it had a built in scope rail but minimal shooter adjust-ability, but if i go with the pro mag industries arch angle system i will have to drill and tap the receiver for a scope mount but i gain alot of adjust-ability shoulder stock cheek riser and the added benefit of a 10 round detachable magazine rather than a 5 round integral magazine im open to others opinions on the subject