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I’m Tim and I am always doing something. I can’t sit still for very long. I love to Travel and explore remote beaches, Shoot, Hunt, Scuba Diving, Boating, Wake-boarding, Snow Boarding, Boxing, Driving 4-Wheelers, Work on the Farm, enjoy animals, Welding, Watching Movies, and most of all I like humor and playing jokes on people.

I especially like helping others. I teach SCUBA Diving and find great joy in training others so they can experience the fantastic underwater world. For the last ten years I have been focusing on teaching 8 to 15 Year old kids how to dive through the PADI SEAL Team program.

I think it is vitally important to be generous with others and give them more than they deserve.

I wanted to start Gun.Rodeo not only because I have trouble sleeping at night, but because I have noticed that the Gun related industries seem to be about ten years behind other industries as far as Internet related aspects. I love guns, they are so much fun and I think there are so many ways this industry can improve technologically. Any Improvements can only help ensure that my grand kids will also be able to enjoy guns as much as I have.

Have a fun and safe time when you go shooting…. And don’t forget some SureShot.
Tuesday, August 27th


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Thursday, August 16th



Gun Rodeo is disappointed and troubled by Shopify's decision to limit the constitutional rights of gun sellers on their platform. Their decision to shut down the websites of legal gun sellers violates the First Amendment rights of their customers, and weakens the First and Second Amendment rights of all Americans. Unfortunately, this action is something we have been warning about for some time: American tech companies do not publicly state their hidden anti-gun policies. Until one day a user awakens to find their entire store, and their entire livelihood, is gone.

Gun Rodeo stands ready to help protect the rights of gun sellers and gun buyers in this increasingly anti-gun era. Our new #DumpShopifyprogram is offering immediate relief to all those gun sellers whose stores were recently shut down by Shopify.

The #DumpShopify program provides a free year of e-commerce website hosting from the only e-commerce platform built 100% for the gun industry, to all Shopify customers who had their stores shut down for violation of the new gun ban. And in an effort to raise awareness of the tech industry's hidden anti-gun policies, #DumpShopify provides 50% off a full year of website hosting to any and all gun-related customers. Join Gun Rodeo now...

We believe we are seeing a steady and dangerous erosion of constitutional gun rights in America. However, we truly believe much of this can be curtailed with education. We must learn, as a group, that the tech industry in America is not gun friendly. And we must work hard to educate our members that they MUST insure a company is pro-gun before they utilize its services.

We know you join us in wishing the best for those financially impacted by Shopify's terrible decision.

Very Best,


Gun Rodeo: The first 100% pro-gun website platform.


Monday, October 17th

Portland gun Show Day 2

Here are the Brave bomb riders Day 2 at the Portland Gun Show.

Saturday, October 15th

Portland Gun Show

Don't mis the Portland Gun Show at the Expo Center Oct 15th and 16th. Gun Rodeo gave away a Free shirt for everyone when Rodeo the Bunker Buster Bomb

Sunday, September 25th

Friday Afterwork Shooting

Friday Afterwork Shooting with friends from the data center. We ended with a 50 cal Barrett shoot.

Saturday, July 30th

Celebrating Col. Howards Birthday

Celebrating Col. Howards Birthday with a couple of 50 cals and a little Sure Shot. We were shooting at the new 50 cal exploder target, which has to be the biggest one that is commercially available.

Friday, July 22nd

A day at the Range with Gun.Rodeo

Check out this video of us shooting at the range in Eastern Oregon. The mixture of Salute Targets and a bit of Sure Shot really made the day.

See the whole video Here

Thanks to Andrew and friends for the hard work putting it together.

Saturday, July 16th

The 10th Anniversary “Lewis & Cla

The 10th Anniversary “Lewis & Clark Young Marines” gathering for Operation Belleau Wood with approximately 100 highly motivated Young Marines and their amazing Staff to conduct a 3-4 day encampment in Helvetia, Oregon. These amazing, mature young adults, ages 7-17, conduct a challenging series of outdoor activities & classes to include: Mobilization, Deployment & Bivouac 101, Land Navigation, First Aid, Introduction to .22 Rifle & Basic Marksmanship, Capture the Flag, Marine Corps History, Customs & Heritage, Squad & Platoon Leadership, Field Chow, and Swimming … just to name but a few of what they do!

This year we saw an amazing 3 Gun Nation exhibition by Lanny Barnes (a veteran US Olympic Biathlete), from Durango, Colorado. She and her sister have an amazing Sochi Olympic story and testimony to American determination, teamwork, sacrifice and skill. These two wonderful ladies are all heart & professional skill! My steel target company, Salute Targets, is honored to be one of their supporters. Lanny will give a Basic 3 Gun 101 presentation and demonstration of what is the fastest growing shooting event in America.

Check out the Official Video

Friday, July 1st

Buck in my neighbors back yard.

This Buck in my neighbors back yard is looking pretty good. Of Course they go on vacation during hunting season.

Sunday, May 29th

Tualatin Valley Munitions - Coming

Tualatin Valley Munitions ammo has always been know and quality ammunition that is respected in the industry.

Gun Rodo and Tualatin Valley Munitions are teaming up to bring this ammunition online.

Check our store in July to get yours.

Sunday, May 29th

Sure Shot Up Close

Sure Shot explosion for a few feet away. Accomplished with our custom made camera housing.

Check out the crater it left.

Friday, April 29th

Sure Shot in Slow Mo

Check out this cool Slow Motion Video of Sure Shot . It will be included in a video we are making, but it looked so cool I had to upload it early. #SureShotSlowMo

My camera was in a protective case, but the explosion flipped it over.

This was only one pound of Sure Shot!

Wednesday, April 27th

50 cal BMG Ammo in small quantities

Need small quantities too?

Need some great 50 cal BMG Ammo at a really great price? Keep your eyes open and Gun Rodeo will be your source really soon.


M8 Armor Piercing Incendiary

Accurate premium target ammunition for standard and match chamber bolt action rifles and 50 cal Browning Machine Gun. Manufactured to military spec. using military projectiles, new powder and recently manufactured military brass.

Wednesday, April 27th

Gun Rodeo's 50 cal BMG API Ammo com

Need some great 50 cal BMG Ammo at a really great price? Keep your eyes open and Gun Rodeo will be your source really soon.


M8 Armor Piercing Incendiary

Accurate premium target ammunition for standard and match chamber bolt action rifles and 50 cal Browning Machine Gun. Manufactured to military spec. using military projectiles, new powder and recently manufactured military brass.

Saturday, April 9th

Old Navy Jeep Ambulance.

Look at this cool old Jeep Navy Jeep Ambulance. It is a Jeep brand Forward Control FC-170. Introduced in 1957, FC-170 models had a 103 in (260 cm) wheelbase with a 108 in (270 cm) bed. This was achieved by the forward-control layout. A 1958 concept version of the FC-170 featured a 108 in (270 cm) wheelbase. This was required to accommodate a new 272 ci V8 engine (based on the Ford Y-block) with a new transfer case. A new 3-speed automatic transmission (based on the Ford Cruise-O-Matic) was only available with the inline-6 due to possible driveshaft angle issues. A T-98 4-speed manual was available with both engines. This model had a gross weight of 7,000 lb

Tuesday, March 22nd

Drones and shooting

Shooting with some friends and some #drones showed up.

Sunday, March 13th

Sons of Guns - Explosion

The first car that exploded had 6lbs of Tannerite and the second car had 6lbs of Sure Shot. Check out the difference in the blast.

Saturday, March 12th

First visit to the new Cabella's

This was my first visit to the new #Cabella's in Tigard. Pretty amazing store. Not quite as big as some of the other ones.

Saturday, March 12th

Sure Shot Explosion

Sure Shot Explosion from Sons of Guns - Only 6 lbs

Thursday, February 4th

K Rounds LLC at Shot Show 2016

#KRounds - At K ROUNDS they offer the basics…delivery, quality and affordability, built on a foundation of respect and integrity.

Handmaking premium #KYDEX® #holsters and accessories in Tukwila, WA. Each piece of equipment that proudly bears the K ROUNDS name is shaped and molded by a master holster craftsman, skilled in the trade. Their quality reflects the passion for performance that we as shooting enthusiasts share.

All of their products have a limited lifetime warranty. They offer this type of warranty because they don’t cut corners. Only the highest grades of materials are used, from the KYDEX® itself to the screws. The holsters are designed to provide a lifetime of comfort and performance.

Read More....

Tuesday, February 2nd

Lots of Ammo

Hot likely to run out of ammo with this bad boy! #DualDrumMagizine

Tuesday, February 2nd

This is the new Rig I would love to

No more worrying about making a lane change. Just signal and start moving over, I am sure there will be plenty of room. Depending on the options I think they run around $ 500K

Tuesday, February 2nd

A glimpse of Shot Show 2016

The #2016ShotShow was awesome. here is a small glimpse of what was happening.

Monday, February 1st

Great hunting rig for anyone needin

This rig sure turned a few heads at the #ShotSow. It as actually driven around the show to the different booths.

Saturday, January 23rd

Old saloon in Prescott Az

Cool #saloon in Prescott Az. Customers were actually dressed like they were back in time. Carried real guns too

Wednesday, January 20th

Gun Rodeo at the Shot Show

Gun Rodeo is at the Shot Show for the first time. Stop by booth 1063 and say hi. It looks like it will be a great show this year.

Sunday, January 17th

Stripper Clips

If you have not already used them #StripperClips area an amazing tool to help you load your clips real fast. They are so simple and dirt cheap. Check out how they work!

Tuesday, January 5th

Slow Mo with a GoPro

This is my first attempt at #SlowMotion with a #GoPro.
It is set to 240 fps but the resolution drops quite a bit. We have a milk jug shot with a 22LR, 12 gauge shotgun and a 45-70 rifle.

Check out how the 45/70 slug expanded.

The last slow motion shot of the egg being shot by a 22 was taken on my new Sony RX10 II at 1000fps. More to come

Thursday, December 24th

Santa is Pro Gun

I knew it, Santa is definitely #ProGun. But due to the spike in gun sales he had to give me an IOU. Pretty awesome!. It is a Glock 43 9 mm for packing around everyday. My 92f is a great gun but just too big and heavy.

Wednesday, December 23rd


Look at how the #45-70 expands. Great #BuffaloRifle.

Tuesday, December 1st

Shooting With Friends

Visiting friends from out of state squeeze off a few rounds at Beaver Creek Armory. The Thompson is always a hit and the Grizzly 45 Win Mag packed a good punch.

Friday, November 27th

Tree Hunting

Tree hunting at Helvetia Tree Farms just outside of Hillsboro Oregon. Lots to See and do.

Come celebrate and enjoy and old-fashioned Christmas on our family farm. Cut a beautiful tree of your choice, browse our gift shop and have your picture taken with Santa. Enjoy the fresh snow while roasting marshmallows on an open fire. Savor all things festive as you take in the experience of our 2015 Christmas Festival.

Sunday, November 8th

Training with both eyes open

There has long been a debate among shooters as to the importance and relevance of shooting with both eyes open or closing one eye. It is not uncommon to see many inexperienced shooters closing an eye to gain added focus in their shooting eye.

Why is it important to try to shoot with both eyes open? And why might closing an eye be actually more beneficial to a particular shooter? I’ll break down the reasons why it’s important to shoot with both eyes open, as well as explain why a shooter may have to shoot with an eye closed or shielded.

Read More....

Tuesday, November 3rd


I don't know much about jeeps, but it looks like one from MASH. Pretty cool and topped off with a Tommy Gun!

Sunday, November 1st

Gun Rodeo at the Big Sandy

Gun Rodeos first event looked pretty good. Everyone walked a way with a smile on their face.

Saturday, October 31st

Big Sandy Shirt Winners

Thanks to Gun Rodeo's Sponsors we had over a thousand shirts to give away. Here are just a few.

Saturday, October 31st

TNW at the Big Sandy

TNW firearms from Vernonia Oregon demoing their Aero Rifle at the Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot in Arizona.

Tuesday, October 27th

Big Sandy

My first time at the Big Sandy. What a blast. I'll be there next year.

Monday, September 7th

Shooting with Shawn and Jon

Saturday shooting and surprising the neighbors with a 50 cal blast.

Thursday, July 16th

Hunting in my backyard

The easy way to hunt is when they are right in your backyard.

Thursday, July 16th

Different Kind of Hunting

I love hunting underwater. Fiji has awesome underwater life.

Thursday, July 16th

Machine Gun Shoot at Beaver Creek

Having Fun at Beaver Creek Shooting Range with two machine guns and a couple of pistols.

Wednesday, July 15th

Making Shooting Video

Here are some extra shots from when we made our first Salute Target Shooting Video

Sunday, June 28th

Nicolas and Annas Wedding

Great wedding in our neighbors barn. Could it be called a Shot Gun Wedding?

Friday, June 26th

Hunting 2014

Great Hunting Trip. Spike only tag in the Starsky Unit. ran into a heard of 300 plus.

Friday, June 26th

Wild Bore Hunt

Wild Bore Hunt with my son Nathan. Used a open sight 47-70 lever action