REACT Features


Free Email Marketing

Lots of platforms charge you money to communicate with your customers. We think that's crazy.

Your customers belong to you, not some company with a fancy name. That's why we include our MEGAPHONE Email Marketing platform free with all REACT accounts.

www.The.Rodeo's Megaphone Email Marketing Platform: free, open source email marketing campaigns
www.The.Rodeo's Free EMail Marketing Platform

Start a Conversation

And delight your customers

MEGAPHONE harnesses the power of Open Source technology to provide you with best-in-class email communication including:

 -Beautiful HTML campaigns
 -User friendly templates
 -Send attachments, upload images, send a webpage
 -Deliverability and bounce processing
 -Automatic spam processing
 -Track opens, forwards and shares

Add more Mojo to your messaging

Look 100% professional, with 0% effort.

MEGAPHONE allows you to grow clean, dynamic lists built for quality permission marketing.

 -Personalize using demographic data and placeholders
 -Allow your customers to update their own data!
 -Schedule campaign start and stop times
 -Own your data: your data belongs to you

www.The.Rodeo's Free Email Marketing Platform: MegaPhone
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