Sniper Sally merges her workout with some target time!

Keeping in shape is an important! And here at Gun.Rodeo we tend to do things a little differently. Check out how Sniper Sally gets her workout!

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Sniper Sally gets extreme in this Workout Wednesday video!

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U-CUT: How Sniper Sally gets her Christmas tree!

It's holiday time at Gun.Rodeo! And we've invited Sniper Sally to show us her method of cutting down a Christmas tree. For those of you who haven't met her, Sniper Sally works here at Gun.Rodeo, and has always amazed us with her fast and efficient methods of anything she sets her mind to. From disposing of left-over pumpkins to saving time by combining target shooting and yoga, she never ceases to amaze us!

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GR Recipes: How Sniper Sally from BunkerBuster cooks her turkey

Here at Gun.Rodeo, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. No shopping for gifts, no crazy uncle Bob, dressed in his stained Christmas sweater and smelling of brandy and cigars, and of course lots of great food. The only problem is, no matter what recipe we follow, year after year we wind up with a dry, overcooked turkey. Well no more! Feast your eyes on our resident chef: Sniper Sally, from BunkerBuster and her Thanksgiving turkey recipe!

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Carving up a pumpkin is one of the great holiday traditions. Step 1: Carve a face that looks like across between a Florida sinkhole and a cigar ashtray. Step 2: get 3rd degree burns from lighting the candle. Step 3: Repeat step 2 over and over and over.

The inevitable question then arises: What the hell do I do with this rotting old pumpkin carcass now that it has stolen my holiday cheer?! You're preaching to the choir. We have the same problem. But here at Gun.Rodeo, we always take a "creative" approach to disposal!

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Lock-n-Load. Thanksgiving style :: Gun.Rodeo

Here at Gun.Rodeo, the holidays are about eggnog, yule logs and community. And speaking of community, after the Thanksgiving holiday we got together with some of the Gun.Rodeo friends and crew and threw ourselves a photo "Shoot".

You know what kind of shoot I'm talking about!

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Drones vs. the Backwoods Boys

Even though we're all about technology here at Gun.Rodeo, we still have our secret fears about the machines taking over and destroying the human race! And now that we've seen the proof that it's coming, we're loading our magazines and spotting our scopes!

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Cinematography :: Gun.Rodeo gets by with a little help from our friends

We have had the incredible good fortune of working with The Media Rocket on many of our still photo and video shoots. With a technical pedigree matched only by their keen artistic eye, The Media Rocket makes it easy to look good. Check out this video they threw together for us in just a few hours.

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Gun.Rodeo had the opportunity of a lifetime when the phone rang and we were invited to attend the She Never Quit Summit 2016. We packed our bags, lickety-split, and headed for Texas where they held the multi-day event. To say the least, we were inspired by the professionalism, information, and general good times this organization created. We will definitely be back next year!

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