Aug 14, 2018

gun control

I just read a story about how gun control works and there is science to back it up. I know I had a good laugh too. i'm here to tell you gun control works. if you listen to the left and believe them, well i'm sorry for you because you are a target. now as all of us know that gun control is very important . it helps us get on target faster and keep us on target. we know that two hands , breathing , and eye focus all help. but what is the most important thing in our gun control that a lot of people forget ? training . we have to keep our minds sharp and the best way is to train. here is a thing I have come up with that helps. it can be done with dry fire training or with laser tag stuff or as I like a bb gun. first make sure no live ammo is used. I have targets set up around the house . it fun when you have someone move them around on you. it's away to keep up alertness . all I do is when I come across them I draw , aim , and fire. see why you never use live rounds? I have been told it helps. I know it helps me so that's why I tell people about it. now get out there and have fun.

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