Gun.Rodeo is located at the Intersection of High Caliber and High Tech

Why is the Shooting Sports industry so far behind the rest of the technology world?

We have have long careers in technology and, tired of waiting for the dotcom revolution to arrive, we began working on bringing the Shooting Sports industry into the 21st century.

Check out the 21st century reasons below why you should buy or sell with Gun.Rodeo

#1: No Auctions = No Waiting

You need another auction like you need a hole in your head.

Buying and selling using an auction is a pain. Auction sites simply slow the sales process for the both buyer and seller.

There is ample evidence they don't result in higher net sales prices for sellers. And as a buyer, they simply delay the sale cycle and increase the potential for an unsuccessful purchase.

#2: Geo-Location

In a patchwork of federal and state laws, geography matters.

Shop locally using the geo-location tools built into Gun.Rodeo. We'll help you find neighbors and discounts you never knew you had.

Or use our FFL Finder tool to select your chosen local representative, and let us handle the rest.

#3: It's Free!

Nickels and dimes add up: insertion fees, featured listing fees, ordering fees, final assessment fees.

At Gun.Rodeo our fees are simple: free for users. $25 for companies.

#4: Powerful API

For businesses, Gun.Rodeo offers the most powerful REST API in the business.

#5: Users First

Gun.Rodeo was built with a single premise in mind: Put the User First

#6: We Listen

Here at Gun.Rodeo, we're actual humans. We answer the phone. We answer emails. And we listen.

Want a cool new feature implemented? Just say the word. Think we should change the way something works? We're listening.

Gun.Rodeo is built for YOU first. And we have our nose ears to the grindstone. If there's something you want or need, just drop us a line.

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Please read the Gun Rodeo statement on Shopify's recent anti-gun actions. Thanks, I read it.